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It is the worst company for anyone. So bad that I had to resign after third month of joining and look for another job. Here goes my story:: 

I joined TCS in July 2019 as a fresher. Since they have reduced the training period to only 10 days now, I was alloted a support project just after 15 days of joining TCS. I was naive about IT culture and manager basically sweet talked me for joining the project. He lied about the project being very good learning wise blah blah. I, being a newly passout guy from college, believed him and joined.

Then the torture began. Within 15 days of working, I got to know what this project was all about. Basically we had to stupid excel work, sending multiple reports, mails to concerned people. Though work itself was not tough, but it was lengthy, monotonous, stupid clerical work with no technical learning whatsoever. Also manager lied initially that you will have to do only afternoon shift. But after joining, I was alloted night shifts also. I even did afternoon shifts on Diwali and Dusshera, did night shift on 31 December night when whole world was celebrating.

Also the manager was very manipulative. He used to yell at us, belittle us, dictate our lunch, breakfast timings and what not. If by chance we made even a simple mistake, he used to taunt us for days.

Fed up by all this, I started learning Node.js, React, etc as I saw greater number of job postings related to it. I started in September 2019 and by November I started feeling a bit confident in it.

Now I applied to few compaines but when they asked me about my notice period, they immediately dropped my application. No company wanted to wait 3 months notice period of TCS.

So I took a leap of faith, and around 15 November, I messaged my intention of resignation to manager. I had goosebumps when I hit the send button. Surprisingly, he didn’t try to stop me or reconsider the decision. This made me realise how easily replacable are we. After that my notice period started. I used to have many sleepless nights and anxiety thinking about what if I couldn’t get a job, did I make a mistake by resigning etc. But I kept learning more and in the last month I started applying to jobs.

After applying and interviewing with 3 companies, I finally got another job in a startup with a salary of 4.5 LPA (you need to wait at least 3 yrs in TCS to get similar salary). Surprisingly, the startup was also okay with me not producing the final certificate and just required my salary slips to verify my experience. In this way, I simply absconded and stopped going to office 7 days prior to the end of notice period. Thus I was also saved from paying the bond amount of 50,000 as I had only completed about 6 months in TCS by then.

In this way I learnt that in life sometimes you have to trust in yourself and take a leap of faith. Now in my current company I get decent salary, good workplace culture, and great learning scope working with latest technologies. Though I was hired as a MERN stack developer,being in a startup I get to dabble with machine learning AWS etc as well. At the time of resigning I didn’t have any job. But if you are willing to learn, you can get any job in the world, just believe in yourself.

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You people are saying yes it is good because it is the biggest IT company in India. Is this enough?

Let me tell you all my experience.

I joined TCS as a fresher in 2016. The training was horrible!!

Not to hurt anyone, but seriously. They teach you nothing that can be helpful. They never teach you anything which you can utilize technically. I am from CS background and today I know less than what I knew in my college time.

Post training period, they gave me a bench job (even tough I am from CSE). I worked at the bench for more than 5 months.

Can you imagine the loss? First 3 months if waste training then almost 6 months in bench work.

I wasted 9 months just like that. I was so frustrated after that. It is not just me, many of my batchmates during training had the same fate.

Finally after almost 6 months of bench work, I got to work in a new project and guess what??? They threw me in a support project!!!

They give no consideration from which background you belong! They will give you a support project if you are a fresher. AND THIS IS THE FATE IF 95% OF FRESHERS.

Now i have left the job and preparing for higher studies. I always wanted to build my career in IT, but thanks to TCS, I cannot even dream of it.

Please, It is a humble request. Don’t join TCS as a fresher. Yes, it is the biggest organisation and it is TATA, but not good for freshers.

Join TCS if you are a 5 year experience holder. TCS treats all the senior employees with a lot of care. It provides stability but only to EXPERIENCED CANDIDATES.

Apart from that, after joining TCS forget about taking a leave! They have a very flexible leave policy BUT IT IS ONLY A POLICY. In real life, you project lead will make your life a living hell if you decided to take leave.

Office politics is unbearable. Just imagine. you are a fresher. you just stepped into a new world. you know nothing about the office culture and you are faced with office politics and yes, I am girl. There is no discrimination when it comes to politics

In my opinion, DON’T JOIN TCS AS A FRESHER. Please don’t go after brand name. think about other things too.

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