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  1. Technical Round 1:
    There was one interviewer and he was really cool and amazing. It was conducted on Zoom.
    So, firstly he introduced himself and asked me to do the same. Then he told me to discuss any of my project. There were many follow up questions like why did I chose the tech-stack which I used, and many more.
    Then, he asked me my favourite CS subject (except for DS Algo as he was going to give me a coding question later on), so I answered OS and DBMS. So he chose DBMS and asked me about some core concepts like, Normalisation, ACID properties, joins, deadlock etc.
    After this he asked me about my internship experience and also wrapped some HR questions in between( which were related to the core values of Atlassian).
    Next, he asked me to share my screen and gave me a question to code.
    He gave me this question
    The actual thing they wanted to test was how I approach the problems. How I debug them (Very important). How to handle corner cases? How to keep things simple? All the while, expressing what u are really trying to do rather than being quiet and coding. Also, he wanted me to write a proper working code, which I did.
    He was very encouraging and enthusiastic!
  2. Technical Round 2:
    This round consisted of a single interviewer and was conducted on Zoom.
    It was a code pair round on Hackerrank. It was very long and very exhaustive.
    It can also be subdivided into multiple phases:
    Phase 1:
    Discussion on projects. I mentioned multiple projects involving REST APIs, MongoDB, NodeJS etc.
    It took more than 0.5 hrs. The focus was on:
    What does it mean? Why u chose this over others?
    What are the advantages and disadvantages? What are the technical challenges u faced?
    Ex: Why REST APIs? Why MongoDB? etc.
    Phase 2:
    It was a problem-solving round.
    The interviewer was not being very clear about the requirements of the problem so it took really some time to understand the problem. So, I suggest u to understand the problem by repeatedly asking clarifying questions.
    The question was mainly to implement LRU cache.
    Phase 3:
    He asked me some basic questions on CN.
    The interview was scheduled for 1 hr but it went for 1hr 20 mins approximately. But, it was very interesting and I loved discussing concepts with the interviewer.
    Questions I asked the interviewer:
    What are the opportunities I would have at Atlassian?
    The points he talked were really helpful and exciting.
    How his experience has been till now?
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