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Online Coding Round:

  1. Count ways to exit matrix [N][M] (4 adjacent directions movements) from given (Sx, Sy). The starting point is at most K steps.
  2. (Solved it using two pointer method)
  3. Game Theory: Given A and C, start with value A! (A factorial), each player removes B (B<= A!) and B should have at most K distinct prime factors.
  4. Some problem on the Tree which no one understood and solved.

(I Got 200, I solved the first two questions)

Round 1(DSA and Problem Solving): So here comes the most awaited moment of my life, my very first interview

  1. Find the length of the loop in a linked list:
  2. Minimum speed to arrive on time (Binary Search):
  3. Roots of a tree which have minimum height:

Round 2(DSA and Problem Solving): I was called after some time and told me to join 2nd round

  1. Merge K sorted arrays: (can be solved with priority queue but I used multiset, I can never remember the syntax for priority queue)
  2. Given a 2D array of height n and width = 2, you have to find the maximum path sum but the path should be strictly increasing and you can only pick one element in a row. You must start from the first row and if you can’t pick any element from a row then the path ends there. (DP Problem)
  3. Given relations like “A > B” (A taller than B), “B < C “(B shorter than C) as Vector<string>, where A, B, C say Persons, had to determine if the given relations are enough to sort the persons on basis of their height

Round 3(HM Round):

  1. Tell me about yourself
  2. Explain what you did in the internship and some questions related to it.
  3. Create a schema for the Restaurant and menu.
  4. Some questions related to my Web App project.
  5. Tell me something about you that you didn’t mention in your resume.

Verdict: Selected


  • They initially ask you to come up with a brute force approach and then optimize it.
  • They ask for complexity for every solution and you must be able to justify it.
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