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Number of rounds : 4
Platform : cisco webex
Medium : Virtual




All rounds were elimination rounds


First round


  • Interviewer : Senior engineer
  • Question asked :
    • Binary seach on a rotated array
    • Aggressive cows variation.
  • Both done successfully.
  • How I explained the logic :
    • Took edge cases
    • Took multiple tests on the editor so she can see how I'm working my approach
  • Result : Passed


Second round


  • Interviewer : Senior manager
  • Projects in-depth discussion
  • Questions asked :
    • Basic computer networking
    • OSI MODEL.
    • OOPS concepts.
    • SLDC (software development life cycle) : I didn't knew much about it so I asked her that can I tell her my answer based on my intuition, she said yes you can, then I explained her what I think happens.
  • Puzzles :
    • Man is stuck in a room with no doors, how will you get him out.
    • 1 more I don't remember.
  • Result : Passed


Third round


  • Interviewer : Senior engineer
  • Coding question asked :
    • If 1 number is given odd number of times and rest all are even number of times, how can you solve this in 1 pass and no extra space : Answer : [XOR of all values]
    • Question based on sieve of eratosthenes.
    • Just logic about binary exponentiation.
    • Satisfied with both solutions and codes
  • Operating system :
    • Write code for OS based question (some linux things too, I had no clue so told up-front that I have no idea, he left this section)
    • More theoretical OS questions about memory allocation and how files are stored [In depth not just over-view]
    • Not so good round for me
  • Puzzles :
    • you have a chain with 7 gold links, you have to use each link for staying at a hotel, you can make cuts in the links to give to the hotel manager, minimum cuts to make in the chain so you can give the manager exactly 1 link every day for 7 days [ANSWER : 1] (didn't know the answer here but almost in the end I realized and asked him if I can tell him how and he was satisfied).
    • Why are manholes round in shape?
  • Result : Passed


Fourth round


  • Interviewer : HR
  • Not so much, basic questions, compensation and relocation discussion.


It started with over 200 candidates and in the last round they had 20 out of which only 8 were to be selected.


I was almost sure about selection since the rounds went but I got a waiting mail after 2 weeks.


Recently I've recieved the Accepted offer for a 2 month summer intern!


Things to work on :



    In every round I was asked "what do you know about cisco" and I didn't care enough to read about it.Read about the company you have an interview.



    The HR round was after 6 to 8 hrs of interviews and I was exhausted so I didn't answer properly and didn't ask the right questions. So be prepared about a set of questions you want to ask the interviewers!



    DON'T PLAY WITH THE INTERVIEWER : if you know the solution, don't act too much, they are smart enough, either give the best solution in the first try or get there fast, I took too much time in first question (binary search rotated array) even tho I knew the solution (the idea not code) and the interviewer gave me a hint.



Hope it helps!

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