Message on Whatsapp 8879355057 for DSA(OA + Interview) + Fullstack Dev Training + 1-1 Personalized Mentoring to get 10+LPA Job
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- If you got nothing to do in your life and you are a fresher having no other option, join TCS.

-Yes initially I felt proud to be in such a firm, but had one hell of a lifetime experience.

-The only pro you can get here is the BRAND NAME : TATA.

End of the story!


-They don't give a damn in which branch you have been graduated. They even don't care if your are a B Tech of BCA. Same project will given to both of them.

-Very poor (pathetic)management especially North side, managers, RMG and HR will FORCE you to be in project they want.Your choice doesn't matter , employees looks like puppet to them.

- Very few development projects; very few. You will have to sit for 9-10 hours in a "support project" in which you even don't know why and what are you doing.

-Yes they are mass recruites but they just do to fill them into their lame support projects.Once you sign the bond your life will be hell.

-TOO MUCH POLITICS. Doesn't matter how hard you work.You have to be on first position to showoff your work for good appraisals otherwise get ready for C grade, no matter even if you die working!

-You will not get to learn anything new. Besides you will forget if you did anything technical before.

-YES people spend their entire life in TCS. WHY?

Since they won't get hired by any other company after doing such support projects in TCS.


-No leaves even of festivals if you get in support project.Also will have to work on 12 hour weekend shift, for which you won't be given comp off either.

- ONSITE - Just a lollipop!!

You will get nothing like onsite till you work for atleast 5-6 years (atleast!) besides being a good showoff and being your boss's/ managers favourite.

*(These timmings and no holiday policy will never be mentioned to you while joining they'll tell you once you are in with an excuse "As per project requirement. ")

Advice to management :

-Be clear in you policies.

-Stop ruining people's life by forcing them to work on something they dont feel comfortable in. Whats the point?!LITERALLY!

“If a person is a good coder with a java certification and you are asking them to sell your products!”

-12 hour weekend shift for nothing! I thinks its not even legal as per Indian policies for employees.Then why? Was not expected from a brand like TATA!
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