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1)Pickup a programming language , preferably C++ .

2)Focus heavily on loops , conditions and basic logics as they are going to build your foundation .

3)Preferably , solve 100+ C++ problems from sitesbay (https://www.sitesbay.com/cpp-program/index)

4) Watch videos of Sir Saurabh Shukla or EasyTuts4u for C++ if you have doubt in some concept .

5) Now , to improve the real algorithmic skill , you must solve 40-50 problems from this section of Hackerrank : - shorturl.at/bAEWZ

6)Remember , every problem has a solution on youtube , or you can see the editorial of problem on Hackerrank and many people discussing the same problem in the discuss section of a problem for Hackerrank . Apply same protocols for LeetCode , Codeforces and Codechef  .  

7)Now, is the time to focus on sorting , searching , a bit of greedy algorithms , string problems and hashing concepts . Large portion of problems you face in contest or interviews will overlap with these topics in one way or the other . So make these super strong , thats the secret!  

8)For strings , try these problems :





9)For sorting , searching and hashing :

Important : https://leetcode.com/discuss/interview-question/313216/Binary-search-Interview-Questions





10)For sliding window and 2 pointers technique : https://leetcode.com/list/x17aw7vm/ ,


You can find videos on different problems for all these topics on these good youtube channels :

(Please learn to search like this : xyz channel , xyz topic and you will get what you were looking for)




Now , you have passed the beginner level , now to reach intermediate level in DSA , I will be posting a new answer .
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