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(Note: I got decent rank in gate-2019)

Success in gate exam :

First i want to know crack in the sense you want to qualify for the exam or want to get very good rank so that you can make into either PSU or IIT.

I am assuming the second case.

The strategy differs from person to person i will explain under various categories.

1.You are not good at basics and no grip in subjects: basics in the sense you have very good knowledge from intermediate,if you read it once you can easily understand the concept.Grip on subjects, even though you are not good at basics you tried hard to get concepts in btech and you have very good knowledge in them.If you dont have any of this advantage then getting good rank is tough but you can qualify for the exam by following the methods I write below.But if you really want to get a rank under 300 I recommend you to extent your preparation for gate 2016,Its very hard for you to crack in two months.

2.You are good in either basics or grip in subjects.
(1)Good basics:
1st month:Collect good materials,Dont touch the text books as the time is very less.Just give a read once all the subjects or atleast the important subjects.
Frame the time table such that you could complete it it in one month.While you are reading just solve the example problems and one unsolved problem per concept. Dont try to slove no of problems in this one month as time is less.
(2)Grip on subjects:
1st month:
As you already have good knowledge in the subjects you can just give a fast reading and try to solve as many of problems possible,and frame the time table such that you could complete all the subjects in one month.

2nd Month:

This is important and crucial period,and common for all.Stop reading and don’t bother that you couldn't complete some subjects.Its okay and move on to next stage.
First 15 Days:
Buy Gate previous years question papers with solutions book.ACE's book is good and solve them 5 times,yes you heard me right its five times and if time left more than five time. Don,t have the doubt there is not enough time for 5 times.Some questions will take much time,but the rest you can solve very quickly,.First time it may take more time but 2nd time you can solve in very less amount of time.If you could complete 5 times in 15 days and still time left then download the question papers of 1990-2014 take the printout of them try to solve.First 2014 and go on descending order.There is a difference in solving from book as they are given as topic you can sense the question paper and have some idea after solving the question papers 2014-1990.

Last 15 Days:

By This time you would have bought Test Series or else buy one now.Gate Forum test series is near to final gate exam i recommend you to buy that ACE is also had some very good problems if it were a six months plan,i would have suggested you the ace test series.Try to attempt all the papers in test series including aptitude and english language.Once you complete the test have a look at the solutions and understand where you are making mistakes and try to rectify them.Try to give as many number of tests as you can thats the only manthra.I bought both ACE and Gate Forum :) .Stop the preparation before one day to exam and just sleep.


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