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Honestly, Just solving problems from Leetcode and HackerEarth is not actually give you benefits during Big-5 (Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple) Interviews.

Ultimately, you will always have new problems so basically you need to apply these techniques.


Basically, you need to know the techniques or tricks of solving problems and you need to remember those techniques by practicing similar problems based on those same techniques only.

If you just understand the techniques and remember those techniques, you will get two benefits

  1. You don't need to solve thousands of problems and spend so much effort to finish your interview preparation
  2. You saved lots of time and finish your preparation within 1–2 months.

Now, one way of understanding these techniques is a self-study, where you need to sit learn techniques from different online resources and find similar problems in leetcode to apply these techniques.

A simple way is you can refer to some online courses which does this job for you and selected all required problems and provide a list. Below are some of the online materials really help during your preparation

  • Leetcode: Yes!! Leetcode is anyways mandatory but you don't need to randomly start solving more and more 1000 problems but better take a premium subscription and solve problems specially asked in Microsoft. This way you will touch those problems which most frequently repeated in an interview

Logicmojo: You can refer Logicmojo Online course which promptly focuses on teaching the techniques of solving problems. They explain all techniques with the help of lots of problems and provide assignments that are based on similar techniques.

If you just finished this course then you are good to appear for an interview in any top biggie tech companies interview. But the only criterion is you need to finish this course sincerely. If you learn all techniques mentioned here then solving Leetcode problems is also just a piece of cake

  • GeeksforGeeks: Those who don't know this is the bible of programming problems. But you dont need to finish the complete site but you need to focus on a specific section of geeksforgeeks which is really beneficial for aspirants during interview preparation

You need to see live interview experience all the people who appeared for an interview in Microsoft. There is a section in geeksforgeeks “Interview experience” where all aspirants who appear for Microsoft or Google Interview they share there experience along with that they provide all the problems that were asked during the interview, you need to refer that prepare them properly

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