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Job Description


We are looking for Backend Developers to join our Tech team.


● Programming, Scalable Systems, Computer Science

● Software Design, Performance Tuning

● Data Processing, API Servers

● Tech stack- Java/Node

Skills Required

Java, node, api, Backend



Years of Experience : 1 - 4 years

● Strong Technical Chops:

You should know how to build highly scalable, robust, and fault-tolerant services that support our unique rate-of-growth requirements.

You should be on top of the latest architectural trends.

● Fast Learners: We are looking for folks who thrive on new technologies and don’t believe in one-size-fit all solutions.

You should be able to adapt easily to meet the needs of our massive growth and rapidly evolving business environment

● Design and Business Acumen: You understand requirements beyond the written word. Whether you’re working on an API used by other developers, an internal tool consumed by our operation teams, or a feature used by millions of customers, your attention to details leads to a delightful user experience.



Apply -!/job-view/backend-engineer-bengaluru-2024062010432279.
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