Message on Whatsapp 8879355057 for DSA(OA + Interview) + Fullstack Dev Training + 1-1 Personalized Mentoring to get 10+LPA Job
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Better go with Infosys training will be best in industry. In TCS you may get support project irrespective of digital or ninja.

As you are a fresher go with company where you get more opportunity in learning.

TCS you can join later after getting good amount of experience once a person left TCS can't join again. Better to use TCS benefits after 10years in your careers.
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I beg to differ on this point “in TCS you will get into support project”. I think this is true with all the service based IT companies not only with TCS.
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In my opinion, you should definitely go ahead with TCS. I am saying this because of below reasons:


The package difference which is offered to you is not much.

TCS has better employment friendly policies.

Your job is more secure in TCS.

You will be working with #1 Indian IT company.(You can brag about it :p)

Good luck on embarking your professional journey.


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These are good and above median salary range for a fresher to work in IT services companies and you were offered this as you have good expertise in niche digital skills. Both are similar companies. You cannot go wrong in choosing one over the other, especially during your early part of your career.

You can choose the one which pays you higher value in the fixed component of the salary package and nearby your home.

Your focus should be wherever you are, how you are going to shape your initial years of experience, which will be a good solid foundation building to launch a long term successful career. You should explore and make best use of available training / learning options within the company and in the public domain to build strong expertise, especially in the initial couple of years. Do not ever think the project you are working on is the ONLY source for you to build your knowledge and expertise. You should develop deep expertise by writing 100,000+ lines of code, debug, test and get your hands dirty.
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I am one of the selected candidates for Power Programmer Track, finished training in 2nd last quarter of last financial year, and still waiting for role change. Anyways it is a very good platform to showcase yourself, and you will be joining STG Unit, one of the reputed units.

Now what is power programming track? Well it is an extension of Expert Track (Now there are three tracks: ET, AT, PW, SES [New], and each vary in-terms of allowance not work i.e. More Work Less Pay) and you will be working on high valued client projects and latest technologies. You will be pampered and provided with ample opportunities to build your skills and learn the new one.

But then there are things that are unfortunate but true:

  1. It has 3 level selection Process: Programming Competition on Hackerrank, Personal Interview (1 and half hour), Training in on the tracks (scripting, microservices).
  2. If you are joining as a power Programmer directly from college then you will be feeling great, as you will be paid 8 lpa, but if you are being selected after the internal examination then you will feel the level of discrimination.
    1. You need to be a confirm employee in order to make the role change effective, even if you clear the training earlier and have been mapped to the project. Like for me, I have complete training long ago but confirmation happened in last quarter.
    2. The role change will be effective in the next quarter of confirmation, but wait here is a surprise you won’t receive any salary or role change letter until quarter end and thus you will be working in the same role, till the quarter end, although after the letter arrives the role will reflect at all places and you will be paid arrears.
    3. Now salary you will get 35% hike in current salary which is unjust, coz you are working in company for too long now and you deserve equal rights, but every time you will raise this question you will get an epic reply: “we have budget constraints and we are working on bridging the gap”, and they will never acknowledge that they are doing it on purpose, coz if there are budget constraints then they must not be recruiting more batches rather they will try to bridge the gap first. Well they don’t care so…
    4. There will be makeathons, monthly meetups and you will get the chance to meet people from the higher positions, learn from their experiences and much more. You will be values (except when it comes to salary).

Many Power Programmers are leaving company, and many are waiting for CTC, and its not their fault, because if you are loyal and still being discriminated then you can’t stay loyal for long, you will quit eventually. And trust me on this if you can crack Infy’s Power Programmer competition then you can crack the competitions from most of the major companies.

And now you know the truth, thus you will understand why I have answered it anonymously.

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If you are selected for Infosys power programmer and TCS digital it means you have good knowledge about programming and you will be ready to take challenges.

In future your goal is to stay in service based company then I will suggest go with Infosys and then after having some experience you can join TCS with good package. But your goal is to work in Amazon, Flipkart Oracle, Jp Morgan this type of company then I will suggest go with TCS digital and here you will get good time to enhance your skills and then you can join good product based company.

Salary is approx same for both TCS digital is slightly better than Infosys for TCS digital you will get 52-53k and every year you will get retention bonus 70k. If You will be not tagged in project then you will get only 43k.

Best of luck!
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