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Out of accenture, TCS, cognizant which one should be preferred by the individual.Out of the three which one is the best?
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Do not join Capgemini as a fresher!!

Your career will get ruined. I will tell you my story. I joined as a fresher. I got trained in Java Full Stack Development. The training was really good and I learned a lot of things. Post my training, we were asked to do Certifications in Java for which the company paid. Now comes the real politics. Our batch was told that there are no Development projects here. Most of the people were tagged to support projects or testing projects. If you are a girl, there is a chance that you can get a good development project. I was tagged to a project where my job was to attend calls (literally like a call center). Most of my batchmates got a similar type of project. Only some girls got development projects. Also, this company will make you sign a two years bond and you cant resign during that period. After two years, you cant switch to a good company because you don't have a good work experience in Capgemini and you don't develop your skills. There are no facilities offered to employees. The HR’s are so spineless that they don’t do anything. This company will not even follow their own policies. When I got relocated, I was entitled for a relocation allowance which they didn't give me. I was told to wait for it and im still waiting for the last 6 months. So its better to try other off-campus drives and join some other company
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Benefits of TCS

  • India's number 1 software export company
  • Better salary as compared to CTS.
  • Job security
  • More number of projects

Benefits Of CTS

  • US based IT sevices company which is more fast paced company.
  • There is no bond.
  • Job satisfaction.
  • Better onsite opportunities.

These are some of the basic points which go in favour of one company or the other. Different people will have different opinions about the job. Its you who has to decide which company to go for by considering these points and stats.

Location matters.
TCS is giving job in Hyderabad while CTS is giving in Chennai and in my personal oninion I would prefer to go to Hyderabad rather than Chennai because I think I will get better opportunities to switch jobs in Hyderabad.

Position matters.
ITIS range across a pretty decent array of technologies and tools ranging from the smallest bug in the system software to the mainframe server systems, from cross-platform compatibility of a software to the networking functionalities of a widespread network of workstations but I would prefer the position of Programmer Analyst Trainee.

Another Alternative
Another thing which you could do as a fresher is go work with a start-up. There you will get lots of opportunities and get to work on an array of new technologies and improve your skills.

Both the companies are good to work in. It's you who has to weigh the pros and cons of both of them and make a decision.
P.S. My first preference would be a start-up and then TCS(just because of the Hyderabad factor).

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I had joined Accenture few years back and it was not how it is currently. Many factors to present here.

1 - They curtailed many benefits like transport buses in late night, cut short the routes. Many other benefits also curtailed in the name of cost cutting.

2 - Mid term promotions were closed.

3 - Performance Achievement was brought in 2 years back, for the initial period even our managers didn’t know how to implement that and they just escaped by telling the juniors that the framework is not yet implemented and they don’t know(Till the appraisal period ending what was required).
5 : HR is always on the DU Lead’s side. I have never seen a decision of DUL been challenged by the HR.

6 - Appraisals happen in the open, few names goes and are suddenly vanished from the promotes list, with no explanation given to the person representing the resource.

7 - If you resign in the period when appraisal discussion is going on, you would be certain that you would be put on Performance Improvement Program. I have experienced 2 such cases.
If you don’t have project, within 15 days you would be asked to relocate to any part of the country. If you don’t do that you are certain to get a refusal tag and after 2 refusals, its certain that you will be shown the door.

9 - Resourcing and staffing is poorly managed and a resource is the one who is a victim.

10 - Company has good policies on paper but the nexus of HR and Mid Management bypass all these policies and trouble the resource.

11 - Favoritism is still prevalent and at the end of the year, you are bound to find surprises when you know the promotes.
 The variable on paper and in hand has a good difference, and please don’t ask the calculation, even the HR will not tell you on what basis the calculation is done.

13 - Earlier there was a central team to do the hikes, now its passed on to the talent lead(DU lead). So you know whom to take for coffee for or whom to butter on, my DU lead used to openly say this. Now you know who you want to have good relations with(Project success is not a key here).
I can go on and on, but the list is unending. I will suggest you that if you want to stay for a short term and you getting a good package then go for it. Do not think of staying longer as people who have joined early wants to take all the cream.
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1) Infosys: Great Training Environment, good transformation from College guy to IT professional. Nowadays people are getting good Hike. However Working Hours matter a lot.

2) Accenture: Good in Employee satisfaction and great chances for Onsite as they have projects from globe. There are some many allowances and expenses provided by Accenture. Free transport and free GYM facility across organization.

3) TCS: Less package but secure life. Seems like Govt Organization. Go to TCS when you want settle in your life.

4) Wipro: No good culture and Work Environment.Famous for support projects.

5) Cognizant: Good Work Culture and Great Onsite opportunity for US(Atleast 3 Years). Transparent process. People love their tenure at Cognizant like I do.
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Among the name of the company you have mentioned. Let me list in Best to worst order
1. Accenture/Capgemini: Both give better work opportunity and better pay, Work environment is also lenient. And Stubborn managers are less.

2. Cognizant: Same pluses as above but lately the company has been firing a lot of people and performance also has not been stable

3. TCS: slightly better package than other two indian counter parts, transfer is little easy, mind you ‘little’ easy than other counter parts. Also this company is available in some cities like patna and in gujrat so someone from these area may see themselves in their home cities. Out of indian IT companies, this one is best.

4. Wipro: Neck and neck with infy, a little better medical policy, and you will understand that why its above infy when you read about infy below.

5. Infy: this company know how to manage media. So the media image is good. Internally there are so many policies that irritate you like, paid vehicle parking, 9.15 hours login logout even if you are on bench, expensive cab service, Huge campuses the maintenance of which is cut from the salary, Low pay, No sick leave, no long term sick leave, less no of leaves as compared to other companies,Very stubborn managers which will not allow you to move.

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Firstly this is a highly subjective question to answer. Every Individual will be answering with his/her personal experience. Hence the objectivity in answering will be low. On those lines the following are my Personal view.

Firstly I have worked more than 5 years in TCS and whilst working there my reporting was to a Manager who was from Infosys and was the winner of three times Best manager Award in Infy. My friend circle comprises of people who have been working in CTS and Wipro, and I am currently working as a consultant reporting to an Individual who is an EX-MD of Accenture. So I can safely guarantee on having a holistic idea about the four companies. But there are certain Data Parameters to consider while making such an assessment.

  1. At what Level are you Joining. Fresher/Experienced.
    1. As a Fresher I would believe that Infosys should be one of the Best Companies to Join because of its impeccable Training Program. Moreover Infosys is a more Banking Inclined company, and Banking is one of the the most stable and Organised Domains in India and worldwide compared to other Domains such as Manufacturing/Healthcare/Telecom. More Banking Domain is a very fast Evolving one and gives a good advantage for future.
    2. As an experienced Individual Accenture should be more preferred. If you simply make a comparative study of Client Base you can find Accenture has a more exquisite qualitative Client Base. It boast of having more than 80% of Fortune 500 as its company base. The work Environment is really good. Very Seldom you would hear an Accenture Employee quitting his/her company and joining TCS/Infy/Wipro. But the Vice Versa is very often. Said that Accenture has very high Recruitment Gestation period. To say, it means they would conduct your interview and all rounds but still they would not confirm you until and unless they can directly fit you into a project. They do not believe in Bench Period and seek high Usability of their employee. This can be seen both in a positive and negative way. Moreover as higher you grow you will be brought into Accenture on a Partnership Model. As in to say if you are bringing Business for Accenture you will be provided a percentage of the deal. You can often see Corporates changing their consultancy partners. Very often is due to this shuffling at higher management level. People switching companies at such a level very often also take away their loyal clients to the company they are switching. Now unfortunately some of Indian IT Consultancy firms have also opted this model, but more often that one can be ashamed of they back off from their words and hence Accenture has been flourishing in such an environment. Overall it has a good Employee satisfaction as you are majorly working in a Clean Environment.
  2. Technology - Well in today's world the Technology matters a lot. Whether you are looking at a career in SAP/Data Analysis/Business Analytics/Pure Development in Java J2EE etc. Now in this Regard one has to also look into the kind of Projects the IT firms have in its client base:
    1. TCS - Majorly Support Projects. Very few Core Development projects which are already filled up with Experienced Developers and very less scope for fresh Resources. The In-House excellence team is chaotic at its best and there is not much opportunities for Resources to work on newer technologies, neither will you be motivated to. It highly represents the ‘Jugad’ system of India. There is also a very groupism politics operating inside TCS, so let say tomorrow you want to explore some new technologies or want to do something new it will be at the end of the day dependant on how much good relation you have with your Manager.
    2. Infosys - Some good Development Projects but there has been some recent slump and it still gives you opportunity and motivation to explore newer technologies. Innovation is appreciated fairly. But to be honest in recent times the opportunities are low.
    3. Wipro - Support/Very Few Development Project. But in case you are looking for Hardware knowledge or for that matter of case working or willing to work in ITIS domain Wipro might be actually a good place.
    4. Accenture - Actually what I have heard and seen Accenture might be one of the best companies for opportunities and what I have seen is that they have an affinity for consistently making In-House implementation of Products. In a Longer run this actually keeps you motivated. Said that Accenture also has the support side which actually operates like a straightforward BPO.
  3. Pay/Hike: Actually there is not very high difference in Pay Scales in the four companies but still :
    1. Accenture - If you are joining as a fresher the joining Pay scale might be almost equal to TCS/Infy, slightly on the upper level I believe. The appraisal mode is fair and there is consistent upgrade. But in case you are an experienced Resource and capable Accenture in general doesn’t take a step back in paying you worthy even though it might differentiate with its in house employee. Meaning, say Accenture has a five year Resource working at a Package of 8 Lacs p.a ( Which was the maximum one could have gone working in accenture for five years and with all promotions) , and it finds you very suitable for one of its opening it will not take a back step in hiring you in 9 Lacs p.a
    2. TCS - Joining Package not very high. Appraisal steady but again there is a huge amount of politics and biasing involved ( but that's the case everywhere). As explained for Accenture TCS will never hire an Experienced Resource above its Ceiling Rate.
    3. Infy - recently there has been slump in its appraisal policy but that has also c-relation to uncertainty to its higher management shuffling and Share Value sinusoidal wave following.
    4. Wipro - Lets say it again if your not in Hardware or ITIS domain will not suggest until you have nothing else on hand.

While there are other factors too also such HR/RMG and trust me from my experience TCS has the worst HR/Resource Management experience. Plus if you are going at a high management position you got to have a look into other factors such as Share Value etc. TCS post Brexit is having a consistent drop in its share value as it is high amount of revenue value in UK.

So including all of these factors my consideration, ranking wise would be:

  1. Accenture
  2. Infosys
  3. TCS
  4. Wipro ( If you are into Hardware or ITIS this will rank higher)

At this moment you can consider TCS and Infy almost at Par although.

Said all of that this Ranking comes into consideration when you have that Bandwidth. If you have a Job Offer from only one single company you don't think that much I believe. :)