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How to get off campus SDE internship in big tech companies in my 3rd year
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This is just begining of your career,in first year there is no subjects related to IT/CSE. Except one semester there will be one basic subject like Basic Computer Programming(depending upon your university syllabus.)

So that, there is no opportunity for 1st year engineering students for such internship programs Google or at any MNC’s companies.

Even second year and third year IT/CSE students will not get opportunities to do in internship program.

You will get opportunity after your 3rd year of engineering, or at start of Final year of Engineering.

Getting internship in big companies like Google, Amazon, Tech-Mahindra, TCS, cognizant, Persistent System…etc it is not easy.

For getting internship following things are important,

  1. Your academic marks should be nice.
  2. You must be strong in Communication Skills.
  3. You must be strong in Analytical and Problem Solving Skills.
  4. And most important, Computer Programming Knowledge.
  • Its depend on company.
  • Computer Languages like,
    • C
    • C++
    • Core Java
    • .NET
    • PHP,
    • HTML…etc

Do not worry, You will learn these languages during your engineering.

I will tell you simple process of, applying for internship for Google.


There are 4 major ways of applying:

1. Online application:
Applying online on the Google internship portal. You will need your resume (in PDF) and transcript.

2. Employee referral:
Ask someone in Google to refer you. You can find them on LinkedIn or Facebook. This will only get you past the resume screening process. After that, the procedure is same for everyone.

3. Mailing the Google HR:
Find a previous googler (Xoogler) or a former intern and ask her to provide you the e-mail address of the HR. Mail the HR directly, clearly stating your purpose, with a well-crafted cover letter and resume.

4. Google Summer of Code:
It’s not exactly an internship at Google; it’s a global program sponsored by Google where students work on the projects with open source organizations (previously selected by Google) independently under some mentorship. Students contact the mentor organizations they want to intern with and submit a project proposal. It’s a virtual aka work from home internship program.

I hope you like this.

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You look ambitious :P , although, there is no harm in being that :)

Now, according to me, second year summers is the most crucial time of your undergraduate studies in terms of skill development. You will certainly do an internship in 3rd year, then why to try for a corporate internship in second year itself.

You could strive for GSOC. That is the best thing to do for a computer science undergrad in 2nd year. Or, you can pursue some research internships, foreign, if possible ;)
Or, you could follow some of the most exciting MOOC courses and competitive programming.
If you really want some software development experience, work in a startup. You will surely learn a lot !!

Now, coming to your question.
Its fairly tough to bag internship in the companies you have mentioned in second year itself !! Mostly, people get to intern with these giants by winning some hackathons or programming contests organised by these companies.
Or, you could also apply on the careers and jobs portal of these companies. But, your chances of getting shortlisted for further telephonic interviews are very tough, until and unless you have an outstanding resume.
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Here are some steps that you can take to nail applying and getting an internship as you enter your second year in school:

  • Pre-application:
    • This, IMO, is minimum requirement for most software engineering interns. Why? Firstly, you will utilize most simple data structures in your everyday coding — think Lists, Arrays. Secondly, most internship interviews test your knowledge of DSA. So, I would at least brush up on fundamental topics. You can find some resources below.
    • Have some projects. If you have projects you have worked on github, that would be ideal. Any sort of experience that shows you actually wrote code. Having trouble finding something to work on? Create a portfolio website for example.
      • Mega Boilerplate - Use this to get you started on building a website. It sets up a lot of the boilerplate code after you pick out the frameworks you would want to use. A good exercise would be to go through and learn about the frameworks.
    • Have a resume. Focus your resume on 3 key things:
      • Skills - what programming languages do you know?
      • Projects/Experience - Examples of experience or code projects you have done.
      • Classes - relevant classes you have taken.
  • Hunt for and apply to opportunities:
    • Reach out to your network ( this is always the best resource )
    • If you have a career fair at your school, go to one and pick top 5 companies and leave your resume with them.
    • Apply on company website or find through LinkedIn
    • Cold reach out to people — this can work! (More than happy to provide tips on how if you are interested)
    • Key is hustle — reach out to friends of friends, facebook groups, linked in profiles, hackathons, etc — you can find an opportunity, but you may have to try hard.
  • Interview:
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There are two broad categories of summer internships for 3rd year CSE Students - Research based internship in universities and Industrial internship. It is possible to get both kinds of internship in India as well as abroad.

First of all keep following blogs like - EduInfo - Internships, Scholarships, Contests and much moreInternshala blogInternships and Internship Jobs in India 2015 etc. They have a comprehensive list of opportunities available in India and abroad. These are just indexing services and usually provide link to the actual program page. Many startups in India hire interns using these websites too.

There are certain well known elite international research internship programs for CSE / IT undergrads -

  1. Viterbi-India Program in USC, Los Angeles, CA US.
  2. For Indian Students - SN Bose Scholarship Program for research internship in US Universities
  3. Globalink Research Internship - For 12 week research internship program in Canada. There is a predefined list of available projects and corresponding mentors
  4. Scholarship Database - DAAD - Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst- DAAD WISE Scholarship for research internship in German Universities. You have to mail professors, discuss project and get acceptance. DAAD only provides funding
  5. Page on - Max Plack Institute for Software System also offers research based Internship
  6. Page on - University of Queensland, Australia
  7. Others - University of Kyoto, National Taiwan University, Carnegie Mellon University, etc also have well established internship programs for undergrad students

Apart from these programs, one can always mail a prof in his/her area of interest. There are many research based internships available in India also -

  1. EKALAVYA HOME Page- Ekalavya Program at IIT Bombay
  2. Summer Research Fellowship Programme 2015 at IIT Delhi
  3. SURGE - IIT Kanpur Internship
  4. Page on - Indian Academy of Science Research Internship Grant - They have a list of participating professors from all over India (Most of them are from IITs, IISC and other elite institutes).

Some NITs and IIITs also offer summer internships - although these programs are not as good as the ones listed above.

Coming to the industrial internships - there are tons of opportunities. Too many to be listed. One has to just search for intern positions available in various companies and apply. Industrial internships typically involve interviews in selection process. Referrals from someone already working at the company is a great way to get interviews. Few big companies like - Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, LinkedIn provide the best internships for undergraduate students. Most of these companies have a career page where you can see a list of all the available opportunities and apply. Industrial internships usually have have higher pay and involve more implementation than research.

Here are certain tips to increase your chances of landing a good internship :

  1. Tailor your resume according to the program you are applying to. Keep it short and simple.
  2. Do your homework. When emailing a professor make sure you read about his work and that you are interested in doing something like that in summer. Address professors by name and write individual mail to each professors. Do not spam or send out mass emails.
  3. Revise your basic before interviews. Take mock interviews if possible. Brush up Data Structures and Algorithms.
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