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All previous year questions for InFyTQ (for 2021 exam-PRACTICE) :


Join this group on telegram for more details and answers of InfyTQ exam : -   , search it as @Tcsexplores in your telegram search to find this public group.
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Are you a 2022 pass-out looking to land a job in Infosys? Good news! The Infosys InfyTQ certification exam is here. This is one of the best ways to land a job in Infosys. This article will cover everything you need to know about it.


What is Infosys InfyTQ certification Exam?


The Infosys InfyTQ Certification is a technology accreditation that endorses your industry-readiness. It is an exam which tests your knowledge in Programming and Databases. Upon clearing the exam, you get certified as Infosys Certified Software Programmer. The biggest benefit is that you get an interview opportunity for the Systems Engineer role at Infosys.


infosys infytq exam certification


Infytq Eligibility Criteria


You should either be a B.E., B. Tech, M.E., M. Tech., M.Sc., MCA, or an MCM student graduating in 2022.





InfyTQ Exam Process


The exam consists of 3 rounds.



Round Details on what's tested
Qualifying Round Programming, Database Management and Aptitude
Final Round Upon clearing the Qualifying Round, you enter this Round.

This is the final Infosys Certification, which will test your in-depth Programming and Database Management expertise through objective and hands-on questions. 

Scoring 65% or above means you get:
1. The Infosys Certified Software Programmer certificate
2. A direct opportunity to appear in the behavioural interview for the Systems Engineer role at Infosys
Advantage Round Optional for those who clear the Final Round (scoring 65% or above)

A test which will assess programming and other technical skills 

Clearing this round means an interview opportunity for Power Programmer and System Engineer Specialist roles at Infosys. You will be taken to a virtual interview to test your technical and behavioural skills.



InfyTQ Exam Pattern


Pattern for Qualifying Round:



Section What's tested? No. of questions
Section I Java/ Python* 20
Section II Database Management System 10
Section III Aptitude 10



* Based on the programming language selected at the time of booking a test slot for the Qualifying Round


  • Exam dates: 2nd and 3rd April 2021
  • Total test duration: 60 minutes
  • All questions will be of objective type
  • Correct answer: +1 mark, incorrect answer: -0.25


Pattern for Final Round:



Section What's tested? No. of questions
Section I Java/ Python* hands-on 2
Section II Java/ Python* Multiple Choice Questions 10
Section III Database Management Systems  10



* Based on the programming language selected at the time of booking a test slot for the Qualifying Round


  • Total test duration: 3 hours
  • No negative marking in this round
  • If you score 65% or above, you get certified as Infosys Certified Software Programmer. You will also receive an opportunity to appear in a behavioral interview for the Systems Engineer role at Infosys.


Pattern for Advantage Round:


  • 3 programming questions of varying difficulty level, to be answered in 3 hours
  • Each question will have different weightage of marks
  • In addition to the programming language (Java/Python) selected at the time of booking a test slot for the Qualifying Round, you will have the option to attempt this round in other languages also.
  • Candidates who clear the Advantage Round will get a pre-replacement interview opportunity for either Power Programmer or Systems Engineer Specialist role based on their performance in this round. The interview for these roles will assess the technical and behavioral skills of the candidate. 


InfyTQ Registration


Please click here to register


Examination Guidelines


System Requirements


Please ensure that the laptop/desktop computer you plan to use for taking the online tests fulfils the following system requirements. Taking the test on a mobile or a tablet is not recommended.

  • i3 Core processor or higher
  • 4GB RAM
  • Fully functional webcam. You can test your webcam here.
  • Google Chrome browser version 70 or above with disabled pop-up blocker. Taking the test on any other Web browser is not recommended
  • A stable Internet connection of a minimum 2 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload speed
  • Uninterrupted power supply for the duration of the tests.

To check your system readiness, click here.


Location and Other Requirements


  • Select a location where you can remain undisturbed for the entire duration of the tests.
  • The desk or the walls around you must not have any writing or pictures of people.
  • The room should be as quiet as possible. Ensure there is no background noise such as music, television, people chatting.
  • The lighting in the room must be bright enough to be considered ‘daylight’ quality. Overhead lighting is optimal. Ensure that the source of light is in front of you and not behind.
  • Ensure you have a comfortable chair and are seated upright. Your face should be visible so that the webcam can detect and capture snapshots frequently. Partial face visibility will be considered a violation of instructions for the tests.
  • Ensure that there are no people around you. If anyone else apart from you is detected in the video, you will be disqualified from the Infosys Certification and recruitment process.
  • Use of online communication applications during the tests is strictly prohibited. Before you begin to take the test, ensure you close all programs and applications, including communication applications like Skype, Microsoft Teams, etc.
  • Use of mobile phone for any reason other than mobile hotspot and tethering is prohibited and will lead to disqualification from Infosys Certification and recruitment process.
  • You may keep stationery items with you for taking the tests. Use of calculators and similar devices is not allowed during the tests.
  • Do not switch out of the test screen to another window, as it violates the code of conduct for the test.
  • The test platform automatically tracks moving out of the test screen.
  • Login within 15 minutes from the start of the test slot time as the login window will remain open for 15 minutes once the test time begins. For example, if, as per the slot, the test is at 11 AM, then you must log in and start the test latest by 11:15 AM. If you miss the login window, you will not be able to take the test. Do note that Infosys does not consider any exemption in this regard.


Behavioural Guidelines


The entire duration of the test is Web-proctored. You will be on video, and therefore, please ensure the following:

  • You must dress as though you are in a public setting
  • You must not use headphones, earphones, or any other type of external audio equipment
  • You must not communicate with any other person by any means
  • You must not leave the video frame during the exam for any reason.


Learning Resources


Learn Python from scratch

Master Java

DBMS related articles

Verbal Ability

Quantitative Aptitude

Logical Reasoning


InfyTQ Exam - FAQs


1) What is the test pattern of InfyTQ exam?

The test will have a combination of objective and hands-on questions as discussed above.


2) What is the duration of InfyTQ test?

The Final assessment will be for 3 hours, post which, those candidates who score 65% and above will be eligible for an interview.


3) What documents do I need to carry with me for the test?

You will receive an email post registration with the details of documents you need to carry.


4) When will I receive results for InfyTQ certification?

You will receive assessment results on your screen after you complete the test and you will receive a soft copy of the certificate on your registered email ID.


5) Will I receive a hall ticket post registration?

Yes, you will receive it on your registered email ID 7 days prior to the date of certification test.


6) How many times can I give InfyTQ exam?

You can reappear for the assessment one month after your first attempt and 3 months post your second attempt.


7) Is there Negative marking in InfyTQ exam?

Not in the Final assessment. In the Qualifying assessment - yes, there is negative marking.

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Infosys Certification Examination is an online test that has been conducted by Infosys every year since 2019. InfyTQ is an open platform for engineering students in their third year all across India, where students from every branch can participate and earn certification from Infosys.

For students graduating in 2021, the examination had conducted a tad differently. There were two different examinations. One was a preliminary qualifier round which was open to all. The exam was conducted in February 2020  and consisted of forty multiple-choice questions (MCQs) with negative marking having a duration of sixty minutes. The examination consisted of ten aptitude questions, ten DBMS questions, and twenty programming questions. The examination was proctored via webcam and students were allowed to appear in the exam right from their homes.

Upon clearing the qualifier round, students were shortlisted for the second examination. This time, the examination center was provided to students and the exam was manually proctored. The exam was three hours long from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM. However, students were instructed to reach the venue thirty minutes prior.

The examination consisted of two hands-on programming questions and Twenty questions on DBMS which were MCQs. There was no negative marking. The programming questions were of medium difficulty, which required strong concepts from arrays and data structures. The MCQs, however, were of mixed difficulties. Some of the questions even differ and not all twenty MCQs were the same for everybody. Marks were allocated based on test cases passed. The criteria for clearing the test was sixty-five percent. Results were declared then and there shortly and the session proceeded with the interview round.

The personal interview lasted for about twelve to fifteen minutes. The interview followed with mostly basic questions like “Describe yourself!” and “Why do you want to join Infosys?”. One interesting insight that I noticed when I interacted with my colleagues was that they only asked technical questions to those candidates who put a lot of technical certificates, internships and/or projects on their resumes. I was asked to briefly talk about my project which was a movie recommendation bot.

At the end of the interview, they asked me if I had any queries. I asked for feedback and thanked for the opportunity. They said that they were impressed and would give a call. I received my certification a week later via mail.
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About Infytq

The Infosys Certification program is an examination to test your industry readiness by determining your knowledge in Programming and Databases. What you get by clearing the assessment is a certification that you can flaunt as well as a chance to get interviewed at Infosys on the same day!

If you are wondering what it takes, here’s what:




  • To register for the Infosys Certification, you must be a student of B.E., B. Tech, M.E., M. Tech, M.Sc., MCA or MCM, graduating in 2020.
  • You will need to score a minimum of 65% in the examination to get the Infosys Certification.
  • Students who score above 65% in the examination, will be eligible for an on-the-spot interview by Infosys!

My Experience

I have registered the infytq exam on the 25 June 2019(Tuesday) on the Infytq platform provided by Infosys. I have studied consistently all the section of infytq (Python Programming, Object-Oriented Programming, Data Structure, DBMS) with devotion and dedication. Infosys provides a great platform to learn and improve our skillsets. I have taken the infytq exam on 14 August 2019 (Wednesday), at Aeronautical College in Hyderabad.

Round 1: 

It was an online test with 2 hands-on coding problems and 20 MCQ’s (without negative marking) and the total time for the exam was 3 hr. The difficulty level of hands-on programming was intermediate. Mostly MCQ’s are asked on the DBMS and they are challenging enough.

E.g. They will show you 3-4 line query and table and we have find out how rows will be fetched after the execution of that query.

The hands-on section contains 60% weight to clear this section.

Hands-on Coding Question I:- Even-Odd Series

Given a string and it contains the digits as well as non-digits. We have to find the count of non-digits. If it is odd then remove all the non-digits and print the string as in even-odd order.




E.g. The given string is  */24#5%7&9*3@. We have to count the non-digit. It’s 7, odd. Then remove all the digits from the string and output will become (in a string) 254739. In the problem, we have only 2 even and 4 odd numbers then after the even number of completion print the remaining odd numbers.

Hands-on Coding Question I:- Pronic Number

Given a string in which random numbers are present and we have to find the product and the number(one is lesser and one is greater) who already present in the string. Confusing,  Let’s see the example:

E.g. Given a string contains 1203456. The multiplication of 3 and 4(one is lesser and one is greater) product become 12 and it’s present in the string. Like 4 and 5(one is lesser and one is greater) the product is 20 and it’s present in the string and so on. In such a way, We have to find all the numbers and in the output just we have to store the only product in the list like[ ’12’, ’20’].

If we haven’t found the product then print -1.


Round 2: HR interview

HR was a very cool person. Amoung 700 students only 10 are shortlisted for the HR interview. The following point he was asked:

How was your Exam?: It was quite difficult but I work hard to execute the programs. And told him about my preparation.

83.0% is it your first attempt?: Yes. It is my first attempt.

Tell me about your role in the internship?: I have mentioned the internship in my resume and he just goes through it.

Area of Interest: He just wants to know in which area we are interested to work.

Then the usual questions are started like where you came from? What’s your night plan? etc.

My interview lasted for 10 – 12 minutes.



To crack the infytq you need to improve your coding as well as the DBMS concept very deeply and practically.

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InfyTQ certification exam was started by Infosys in the year 2019. Its completely based on python programming.
To clear the exam 65% or more marks is required
The benefits of clearing this test includes:

  • You will get a professional certification on python from infosys which will be valid for lifetime
  • On spot job interview and an opportunity to join infosys

I will be sharing my experience and few questions that will help you understand the pattern.
The test will have 2 sections.

  • 2 coding questions
  • 20 MCQ from DS, Algo, DBMS, Programming

Time provided will be 2 hours. Coding questions will be from string manipulation, list or array, matrix or 2d arrays.
Few question that where asked from 2020 batch:

  1. Given a list of string and numbers, rotate the string by one position to the right if the sum of squares of digits of the corresponding number is even and rotate it twice to the left if the sum of the squares of the digits of the corresponding number is odd.
  2. Given an array, find the sub array which can be a square matrix with maximum sum. If there are multiple results print the matrices in the order of their orders( i.e, 3×3 matrix will be printed first, then 2X2…so on)
  3. Given an alphanumeric string, extract all numbers, remove the duplicate digits, and from that set of digits construct the largest even number possible
  4. Given a mxn matrix select an element if the same element appears at 4 consecutive position again. Return the minimum element from all the gathered elements. What is consecutive? It’s horizontal, vertical and all possible diagonals
  5. State whether a giving string contains matching braces or not. In case mismatch is present then output the index of mismatch position
  6. Longest Alphabetic Sequence
  7. From a alphanumeric string extract all digits, From the smallest odd number with no repeats.

Happy Coding <3

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