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I am a girl and I would like to date TCS guy . They have worked so hard to get into such reputed service based companies .. he must have very good tech and communication skills so why not give it a try..
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I like to answer this question and I worked in private and at present in Govt sector.

My answer is based on arranged marriage market prevalent in Tamilnadu.

  1. In arranged marriages mostly girls parents are happy with Govt Job grooms irrespective of their social status.
  2. Girls are very smart,if they are working especially in IT they are not keen of getting hitched with Govt employees.They know very well about transfers and so on.
  3. They are well aware of Govt employees (Mid. Level) salary and allowance which is half of 5 year experienced IT professional .So chances of getting IT professional is near to impossible.
  4. Another prominent notion, Govt employees are outdated .Automatically Govt employees are not a good dating partner .(I disagree it).
  5. Cut to the chase Govt employees lost their shun in current marriage market. Brides are more inclined towards high paying private professionals
  6. Govt Job is overrated in this country.
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Yes, let's keep it simple & straight. In India these jobs, growth, MNC's, package are directly went nowhere but marriage. We have categorised them in certain bands e.g.
- IIT/IAS guys are in more demand and people do anything to have them as their son-in-law
- Than we have guys from TCS, Infy, IBM they are considered as per their package where 15 lakh is acceptable easily.
- Another band govt. servants
& last private firms with less package.

Every guy in these bands will be rewarded (yes I'm using this term) with their match accordingly.
It's more about settle with them respect comes after. So, yes Indian girl and her family respects and like TCS guys.
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What has TCS got to do with Indian girls and respect ? Probably your question was directed towards the fact that folks in TCS earn less, and if Indian girls respect guys who earn less.

So, let me correct you from earning perspective 1st of all. Guys in TCS offshore might be earning peanuts, but its also the company which sends maximum number of employees onshore and the salaries in onshore is only in foreign currencies. And this salary my friend is easily comparable to what biggies like Microsoft/Google or Flipkart has to offer in India.

As far as respect is concerned, money can never buy it. If you feel a particular girl did not respect you just because you earned less, that might be either one off case or you would have done something to earn that disrespect. My advice to you would be to trust your instincts and talk it out to that female if you deem it fit.
I had worked for TCS for more than 3 years, and i was always respected by female folks.

P.S. : There's a big difference between respect and attention and yeah money does get you a LOT of attention, especially from the prettier gender.
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TCS has nothing to do with respect.
Respect is something to be earned by your deeds and your behaviour towards everyone .The way you are shows your etiquettes.

Yes ,I do not know about every girls .But yes girls do respect to a guy irrespective of him working with any damn company.He is working means atleast he is earning .He is working with TCS which is not a wrong company anytime.

There is no reason for being shrude or irrespectful to a guy working with TCS(or any other company).I met a guy on Quora who works with TCS.He is a very good brother for me.He is so caring and also a very good person at heart.I do respect him.

As far as Salary is concerned dude!!! Atleast you independently earn for yourself and you should be proud for it.Yes atleast I respect such guys who are trying to settle down and build their life.TCS also gives good pay to employees.

So please get this thought out of your mind!!!
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No she won't.
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