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First round : online coding round Hackerrank test with 2 questions one on algo and DS and one on ReactJS where you need to sort based on differnet attributes(for this you need to upload solution to their site)

Techical Round 1: This was more techinical about questions on project and design aspects. There is one algo and ds question
There is one application that provides share price prediction for several days for a sepcific share. Write a program to find best day to buy a share and best day to sell a share in order to gain maximum profit (Only one trade need to be considered)
Sample Input: { shareName: "Infosys", projections:[71, 45, 55, 70, 67, 43] }
Expected Result: {buyDay: 2, sellDay:4, buyPrice:45, sellPrice:70}
Second question was on system design for asynchronous message processing where one service has depencency on other service and how to handle delay if you receive message which has depenency on other messsage. Caching part and DB design.
Design a notification processing logic to process the notifications in order as per the dependency.

Service 1: Creates and sends notifications for addition and deletion of below elements

Site: {
ip: IPV4 address
type: Platform type
protocol: Netconf

Link: {
srcSite: site
dstSite: site
capacity: some GBPS
srcPort: port

Service 2: Receives these notifications in random order, but we need to make sure, links are processed after both srcSite and dstSites are processed. Write the design for this processing these notification in order in Service 2.

Technical Round 2 : This started with project discussion and questions were on API design and message processing as i mentioned we are using Kafka in our project. This has 2 more easy algo and ds questions
first one was variation of two sum problem and second question was variation of length of longest incresing subsequence.

Verdict : i was able to answer most of the questions except the length of longest increasing subsequence, where i came up with bruteforce approach and interviewer was asking me to optimize it constant time solution. I was not able to comeup with in the time, not sure whether i will be forwared to the next rounds as i have messedup this question.
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