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CISCO visited our campus to hire a Software Engineer for a Full-time role. The recruitment drive consisted of 5 Rounds :

ROUND 1: ONLINE ASSESSMENT: This round consisted of MCQs and 2 Coding questions. The MCQs were based on Computer networks, operating systems, DSA, and Aptitude.

After the first round, 29 students were shortlisted for the interview rounds.

ROUND 2: TECHNICAL INTERVIEW: This round was purely based on the technical part. The interviewer asked me some DSA questions and after that, he asked some questions about networking. I answered almost all the questions and got selected for the third round.

Having good knowledge of DSA and networking is important to clear this round.

ROUND 3: MANAGERIAL INTERVIEW: This round was mainly based on the projects I have done and some general HR questions. The interviewer was very friendly and supportive.

The interviewer introduced himself and asked me about my projects. I briefly explained my projects and after that, the interviewer asked me to run my project. We had a long discussion on the project.
After that, the Interviewer asked me what problems I face while developing this project and how I resolved those problems.
After that, he asked me about my journey at college.
Then he asked me how I have developed myself in the past three years at college.
At last, he asked me if I have any questions.
I got selected for the fourth round.

ROUND 4: TECHNICAL + MANAGERIAL INTERVIEW: In this round, there were 2 Interviewers. One for the technical part and the other one for managerial.

Both the Interviewer introduced themselves and first the technical part started.
The interviewer asked me in what conditions we can optimize our code. How does code optimization affect our CPU and memory?
Then the interviewer asked me some questions about Operating systems and computer networks.
Some questions were like explaining the OSI model, various protocols, and some questions on L2 AND L3 devices, etc.
Then the managerial part started and he asked me what is the definition of a team. Tell me some incidents where I have shown team spirit. He asked me about my hobbies and the clubs that I have joined.
Then the interviewer asked me if I have any questions.
I got selected for the fifth round.

FIFTH ROUND: HR ROUND: This was just a 15-minute round.

In this round, the interviewer asked me to introduce myself.
Then he asked me about relocation and my job location preference.
After that, he asked me what I know about Cisco.
After the fifth round, 4 students were selected for the full-time role, and luckily I was one of them.
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