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hello everyone, I just completed the dsa course in java and practicing cp and basic dsa questions side by side but facing slight confusion as when I start solving code chef questions I face slight difficulty in sometimes with approach and sometimes with optimization like I get scared with seeing the question and couldn't get the solution and thinks like how can I get into coding interviews of big companies and how will i pass and this question scares me up , soo please help how can I be confident enough to solve these questions and also interview too , I get panic on solving interview problems too!
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Answer to your question is *practice* , *being detached from the fruits of your results* and *having fun during the process/journey* .

I would suggest to complete 50-60 problems from this list to create strong foundation for CP and coding interviews : https://cut.ly/VPiXAn

After that start practicing many problems from arrays , strings and implementation from leetcode and geeksforgeeks . Focus on binary search and hashing side by side .

Only after doing these, shift to CP . Logic of problems will come to you only after sufficient level of practice . Mark my words.

For mastering coding interviews , read this : https://www.desiqna.in/243/best-roadmap-prepare-coding-interview-best-free-resources?show=243#q243

For mastering leetcode : https://www.desiqna.in/364/strategy-roadmap-practice-problems-leetcode-product-companies?show=364#q364

For mastering CP :



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