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Google | L4 | Sunnyvale [Fail]

Phone screen:



Given following pattern write a function print(int n):
n=1 : 1
n=2 : 2 1 2
n=3 : 3 2 3 1 2 3
n=4 : 4 3 4 2 3 4 1 2 3 4



Given input stream 1,2,3,4,5,6...... we are generating a binary tree from left to right.


Creation of the tree :
 1,    1 ,  1 ,      1  ,
      /    / \      / \
     2    2   3    2   3
Check if the given node exists in a complete tree



Round 1: (45 min)


Min steps to reach the state

Round 2: (45 min)



Find the best path to collect maxixmum gold.
Given Matrix there is gold mentioned +ve int.
There are 0's that are blocked paths. You will start from 0,0.
Give me the path and number of maximum gold collected.
Path could end anywhere not necessariliy (n-1,n-1).


Similar to which could end anywhere with 0s that you cant visit.



Round 3: (45 min)


I dont rember this one but it was coding interview.

Round 4: (45 min)


All behavioural round. These were easy questions and nothing like grilling of amazon LP question.
Personally I feel amazon LP question are BS and feels like interogation see the Amazon post here.
Tell me about your self.
How do you work with PM, QA & support? (this is my resume related)
Talk about your favourate project.
Why are you leaving your company?
What are you looking forward to if you are working for google.
A lot of talk about what I do and my past experiences.

Round 5: (45 min)



System Design - ticketmaster like fandango but for concert tickets.
System shows 10 avialable tickets to the user1 for 2 mins.
Those 10 tickets are not available to other users for those 2 mins. after 2 mins those 10 tickets becomes available to show again.


He was very intereseted in how I design the tables and API.
The problem he was interseted in to solve was:
how do you track what available seats you are showing to different users and once the timer is expired how you make those avialable.


The mistake I made I went with distributed cache.
This opened whole lot of can of worms.
Cache invalidation is a nightmare in a distrubuted cache. (try to avoid as much as you can and try to use local cache.)


Useful links for System Design:


Grokking the System Design Interview - Design Ticketmaster. Personally I think you need way more depth than whats is in that educative link.
InterviewCake - Design a ticket sales site
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