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My process began by february 2022, when recruiter from google approched me through linkedin. Recruiter gave me all the necessary study materials for preparation and I asked for 1 month of time, I started preparing more seriously now, though I was doing at least one problem per day. Now I am doing 3 problems per day. Focused on blind 75 at first, tried all different ways to solve a single problem, understood the concepts well thats how I began.


My first Interview March 1st week (Phone Screen) : The question was pretty straightforward, to build a word guessing game. I was able to do it. (Qualified for onsites)


1st onsite Technical March 2nd week: Question was around graph i would say this was medium easy problem, DFS or BFS should do, explained complexities Hire


2nd Onsite Technical March 3rd week: Question was around some Isoscles triangle(Mountains) which can be broken down to interval problem Strong Hire


3rd Onsite Behavioural March 4th week: Had difficult time with this round, many questions i didnt understand well. But my final result was still Hire


4th Onsite Technical April 1st week: Questions Build a search suggestion system, went on to further optimizing Strong Hire


Team match did interview with two teams, 1st team didnt want me, 2nd team asked for one more round of technical interview


5th Onsite Technical May 2nd Week: Question was regarding doubly linkedlist, was easy, but i messed up with a edge case, but was able to solve it in the end Hire
The 2nd team was not satisfied and I was rejected by them.


Went through 2 more team match rounds in June and July both teams didnt select me. Recuriter told me one more team match would be given, or else you may need to reapply after one year.


And it was on the 5th team match by July 4th week, i was matched with a GCP team, who finally selected me. Then everything was going well, HC approved, and then hiring freeze started, my profile was on hold.


Then almost 2 months August and September, didnt hear about updates, I thought I will move on. (By this time on June I have already accepted another offer which was so good).


But Finally end of september recruiter called me and said, headcount is finalized, you got shortlisted for L4.


Compensation Details here


Note: My writing skills are not so good. If you have questions let me know. I will try to answer without breaking any confedentiallity


Leetcode Questions solved: 350 at the start of the interview 400+ when I was doing my last technical. 50%M, 35%E, 15% H


The reason behind too many rejects in team match is due to my coding language was in Javascript, I am a core Javascript developer and most teams where looking for experience in Java, C, C++, Go or Python.

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