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Google India L4 Bangalore reject

Hi everyone, I went through the google intervew process and here are the details:


Phone Screen:
Was asked a simple question on graph, quickly solved it.
Feedback was great.


After a 1.5 months the onsite interviews:


Virtual onsite interview 1:
Question about backtracking. I was trying other graph approaches to see if we can optimize it but finally settled down on backtracking and solved it. Also this problem can be translated to NP hard problem so backtracking is the only way to do it. Coded the solution. Initally gave wrong time complexity of the backtracking as 2^N, but it was n!, which I corrected it. This question was not on leetcode. Aftter I solved it we had chat about on what product does the interviewer work on.


Overall experience from my perspective - good but not very great( this question was new to me and not on leetcode so for me to come up with solution in 10 mins was a little difficult)


Virtual onsite Interview 2:
A very standard algorithm question directly from leetcode with google tagged, the first question was medium and the second question was hard which was a followup if I was able to do the first one then I can try the followup. Interviewer came and asked me to start coding it, they did not ask for explanation as it is a very standard algorithm which uses stacks to be solved.
I gave the solution using the stacks but my algorithm was partially correct and did not cover all test cases and when I ran it on leetcode afterwards after the interview, it only passed 50% of the test cases. no time for followup.


Overall experience my perspective - not great interview as this was a standard algorithm, if you remember the algorithm it is very easy to do.


Virtual Onsite Interview 3:
A string question. This question was easy to come up with brute force solution however he asked to optimize the solution further. I took some fair amount of time to come up with the optimized solution. last 10 mins were remaining, he asked me to code it, I coded it but the time was already pass 3 mins. The interviewer kept giving me hints which I was not able to understand however the solution I gave was something similar. Interviewer said at the last that he gets what I am doing. This question was not on leetcode.


Overall experience from my perspective - not great as I took a lot of time even though I did it at last.


My recruiter did not reach out to me by themselves, after I emailed them couple of times, they just said that I need to improve my data structures, no round specific feedback. No further interviews scheduled after that.
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