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First Round (Coderpad) (1 hr)

1. Pangram question:
You have given a string =”This is ram”, you need to find all those letters that are missing in the string out of all 26 a-z letters present in alphabets

Easy to Medium level Implementation question involving map of Key Integer and List of Integers as values (could not found this question on leetcode)
Second Round (Zoom) (1 hr)

1. Given an array having positive and negative numbers within Integer range. No duplicates .Find first missing positive number in O(n) time and O(1) space
2. given an array of integers return resultant array with numbers in form of a<b>c<d.... expected T= O(n)
Third Round (Zoom) (70 mins)

Reverse stack using recurrsion only
find square root of a number with precision of 5 decimal places . for Integer range . should cover the case of 0-1 also
Java question on string pools and hashmap and Interfaces
Fourth Round (Zoom) ( 70 mins)

Question related to linkedHashmap involving multiple threads (processes). Basically hashmap needs to passed to multiple threads and result needs to joined for answer.
Question related to hashcode and cache .
Egg drop puzzle .Need to come up with generalized formula to measure strength of egg
Some core java questions on load factor in hashmap
Fifth Round (Zoom) (45 min)

In depth project discussion.
Why gs?
Why leaving current org?
Sixth Round (Zoom)( 30 mins)
In depth project discussion. Questions related to handeling concurrency and transactions.

They may take time to come back after HM round. Generally 1-2 weeks.
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