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Q1. IPList
Given a log file, return IP address(es) which accesses the site most often.
e.g: " - log entry 1 11", " - log entry 2 213", " - log entry 1 11", " - log entry 2 213", " - log entry 133132"

Approach: Split Ip address and store in HashMap, return key with max value.

Q2. Train Map Problem
Rail network - consists of number of the Station objects. Stations in the map are bi-directionally connected. Distance between any 2 stations is of same constant distance unit. This implies that shortest distance between any 2 stations depends only on number of stations in between.
Implement def shortestPath(self, fromStationName, toStationName) method to find shortest path between 2 stations.

Approach: Use BFS, keeping a track of predecessor paths. Maintain visited nodes to avoid cycle.
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