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Coderpad round - interviewer seemed distracted most of the time and not very talkative.


First question: encode input string "aaaabbcccd" -> "a4b2c3d1"


My first ever coderpad interview, nervous and struggled with this one more than I should have. Passed all tests after ~25 mins. Interviewer asked if I could think of additional test cases. I said nope, just wanted to get to the next question.


Second questions: Median of two sorted arrays:


I have seen this question but never attempted to solve it. Went back and forth with interviewer about the best approach, decided on two pointers traversing each array (1 for each). Got all tests to pass but told the interviewer I could think of a test case to make my code fail. Had about 3 minutes to try and find a solution but could not. Interviewer abruptly ended interview when time was up.


Interview was four weeks ago and haven't heard back. Followed up with recruiter last who said she was still waiting for info. Thoughts?

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Given a vector of distinct strings, we have to find the maximum number of strings which we can take such that we can arrange them consecutively only with following rules-
Two strings are a and b, then max(len(a),len(b))=N+1 ,where N is the longest common suffix of a and b.
Example- {rgy, bgy, ash, y, gy}
Output- 4
Explanation- rgy->bgy->gy->y is one of the possible outcome


Please help in upsolving this one.
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