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  • 4 years of experience .
  • Current Company - Zeta Suite .
  • Ongoing with the google L4 process.
  1. Screening Round :
    Q) Find eddington number of a given array (max number x that occurs min x times in the array).
  • Solved using Binary Search (nlog(mx)) complexity (mx - maximum element in the array) & then with prefix sum O(n) complexity.
  • Got strong Hire according to the feedback provided .
  1. Onsite Round 1 :
    Q) Given a matrix and a source & destination , we have to reach from the source to destination - the path to traverse is given(also from each node we can only go to it's adjacent 4 nodes) , each edge has some failure probability which keeps on becoming half on going down the row or going down the column, so we need to calculate the success probability of reaching from source to destination .


     Follow up 1 - The path & probability of that path which we will take to get the highest successful probability .
     Follow up 2 - Now each of the edge has random probability . Now we want to maximize the probabilty , so hiw would we do that . - A variation of Dijsktra basically . 
  • Awaiting Feedback (Might be Hire)
  1. 2nd Onsite Round :


    • Given a list of routers and a threshold distance d (if the distance b/w two routers is greater than d message wouldn't be transferred) and a source & destination router , we want to output if we can transfer a message from source to destination .
    • Solved using simple BFS.
    • Awaiting Feedback
    • The recruiter was pointing out baseless mistakes.
  2. 3rd Onsite Round :


    • Couldn't provide optimal solution for this . Provided a solution & coded it but later realised it wan't working on all the cases . The recruiter was slow in understanding my solution took 10 mins or so in understanding & after that pointed out the mistake at the end of my interview (which I also realised).
    • Awaiting Feedback


Apart from onsite round 1 , the recruiters of onsite round 2 & round 3 were really pathetic !! Google has really hired a lot of wrong people in the past 2-3 years .

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