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Education: B.Tech (ECE) from NIT
Years of Experience: 0 (2023 Grad)
Prior Experience: 6 months + 2 months internship at two startups
Company: SHL
Title/Level: Software Engineer
Base Salary: ₹ 15L
Joining Bonus: ₹ 0L
Annual Bonus: ₹ 1.5L (10% of fixed)

6 months Internship Stipend: ₹ 79500 (per month starting from Jan)

Total Comp (Salary + Bonus) First year: ₹ 17.38L (Including PF and Gratuity)
Date of offer: Sep 2022

Other Benefits: Health Insurance, Group term life insurance, Group Personal Accidental policy, 12 Public holidays & 32 Days paid leaves are credited every year, Gaming Zone (PlayStation, Air-Hockey, Foosball, Chess, Carom board etc.)
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