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Education: Btech CSE from Tier 3 College in Greater Noida
Year of Graduation: 2022 Batch
Years of Experience: 0 (as Fresher)
Date of the Offer: June 2022
Company: Swiggy
Title/Level: SDE - 1
Location: Remote but we have quarterly company meets in Bangalore
Salary: INR 18,00,000
Joining Bonus: INR 1,00,000
Retention Bonus: INR 2,00,000
ESOP: INR 10,80,000 (4 years with 25% every year)
Total comp (Salary + Bonus + Stock): INR 21,50,000First year,
INR 22,50,000 Second Year
Other Benefits : Swiggy Learning Wallet worth 20k per year which you can avail for courses/gym/kindle, etc
Benefits: Standard swiggy benefits like Health Insurance 5 Lakh, Car leasing, etc
Status: Accepted
Other Details: Got an employee referral by contacting him via Linkedin. I am into competitive programming and was asked DSA only. I am an expert on Codeforces, 5 star on Codechef. I have solved more than 600 questions on Leetcode as well. Finally all the hard work paid off.
Other than this I had an offer from TCS.
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