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After facing rejection from companies like Infosys, Wipro, Nagarro, and from two-three Mohali-based startups, I got saddened & lost hope. But then talking to my Mother on call & sensing her hope & belief in me that I must get a job, I stood up again & prepared a few weeks for coding basics & interviews. I appeared for an off-campus placement drive at Capgemini.

Round 1: The first round comprises of CBT consisting of Aptitude, Reasoning, Logical Ability & English. The difficulty level was moderate. Clearing it, I moved to the second round.

Round 2: It consists of a basic programming test consisting of Data Structure questions on the array, linked list, and C language questions on pointers, structure, and unions which I cleared too.

Now, they have gathered all the qualified students in an auditorium & start calling names one by one.

Round 3: It was the Technical interview round where the real testing of a candidate started. Initially, they have started with Full toss, I mean basics SQL queries, Computer Network questions like Subnetting, Routing, IP Masking, MAC Address.

But suddenly one of the panelists started throwing bouncers by giving Linked List, Sorting problems to solve & explain. I hesitated for a moment took a deep breath & chant god Hanuman’s name & solved 2 out of 3 problems & able to convince them as well.

Round 4: The 4th & very final round was HR round where I was greeted very warmly & he motivated me to be confidence.

He asked for my intro but with a twist that I don’t disclose my Address, Region & hobbies.
Generally, we cram the intro & just utter it but here the HR has added some layers of the filter so I asked him & pick up the glass of water & take a few sips & things go well.
Then he asked me about my ambition, my Panchvarshiya yojana (5-year plan) &
Why I want to choose this field and the process ends.
After waiting for 1.5 months I got my Offer letter cum certificate of success & joined Capgemini & now working as an SAP Integration developer & leading life as riding a roller coaster but enjoying it a lot.
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