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Infosys is one of the major recruiters. HackWithInfy is a contest for all engineering students across India.Round 1 and Round 2 are individual participation online tests and the final round is a team-based hackathon. I applied for the HackWithInfy contest through my college.

Round 1: Coding round held on the HackerRank platform. This round comprises 3 questions that vary in difficulty level. The time allotted to solve these questions is 3 hrs. I completely solved question-2 and partially solved question-1 and made it to the next round. Questions are mainly based on Problem Solving and Data Structures. Solving 1 or more questions can make you selected for round 2.


Round 2: Also, a coding round held on the HackerRank platform. It is similar to round 1 with the same pattern but the level of difficulty increases. Based on your performance you will be offered either System Engineer Specialist Role(SES) or Power Programmer Role(PP). I was able to solve 2 questions. Solving 1 and a half or more questions can make you selected for an interview. I got selected for the SES role interview.

Round 3: My interview was held online on the Infosys Meridian platform and last for around 1 hour. I was asked to show my college id before starting the interview. The interview then started with questions like self-introduction and asked how I was able to manage things in lockdown.




The Interviewer then asked me to write a code for the Fibonacci series in python. I gave the Brute force and DP approach. You can implement the solution by referring to the following link.

Then he asked to explain projects which I worked on. The basic idea behind the project, inspiration, technologies used, and told in-depth about every project mentioned in my resume. And then he asked some questions on my projects like operations performed on a database, applications of the project, and how unique is my project from already existed projects. He then asked me about the academic subjects that I’m interested in. And I replied Java and OS. Then he had gone through my achievements sections and asked about them.

Finally, he asked if I had any questions. And I asked him about his experience in Infosys then answered for about 5-10 mins explaining everything. After, the interview was completed.

Infosys mailed results to our TPO after a week, and I was selected

I would like to thank GeeksforGeeks for helping me in cracking this interview. My interview was mostly based on my resume. The interviewer focused mainly on the projects and skills mentioned in the resume. If you had done any project and have good programming knowledge then you can easily crack this interview. All the best.

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