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I got a PPI offer for the DSE role from Infosys after clearing HackwithInfy round 1. Three questions were asked in round 1. I completed one question and was selected for this PPI. The questions asked in HackwithInfy were of medium to tough level and it is advised to keep practicing on online platforms such as Codechef, CodeForces, HackerRank, GeeksforGeeks, etc.

I am a B.Tech final year student from the Information Technology department. It was a 40-minute interview (I was informed ten days before for my interview).




Now coming to the interview

Introduce yourself.  
Now some puzzles were asked to test logical ability and critical thinking.
You are currently sitting in a room. You are provided with infinite 5 rupee coins. What measure would you take to count how many coins would fit in the room?  
My answer – I would follow the concept of area/volume to find out how many coins might fit in the room.
There is a room which has a bulb. It has 3 switches outside of which one is connected to the bulb and the rest two are false. By just entering once, how would you identify the correct switch?
My answer –
Why are manhole covers round-shaped?
Given two minutes, what is something that you can teach me?
There are two gates, one to hell and the other to heaven. Two gatekeepers, one for each gate. One of them always speaks the truth and the other always lies but you don’t know which one guards which gate. You are allowed only one question and you need to find out the gate to heaven. What is the question?
Answer –
Now comes the Core CS Subjects.

What is Encapsulation?
What Python is Object-Oriented Language?
What are tags in HTML?
Differences between HTML/CSS/JS .
What are the TCP/IP model and OSI model?
Differences between Microprocessor and Microcontroller.
What is Memory Management in Python?
Explain N-Tier Architecture.
Public/ private/protected access specifiers.
How will you explain the concept of a database to a 3-year-old kid?
I was also asked to code a multiplication table for 11. This wasn’t meant to test the coding abilities, rather it was meant to check the basic understanding of the candidate towards the programming language he/she uses. I was interrupted between every keyword I used and was asked to explain why I have used the same.
I was asked to share my screen and code on any editor of my choice. I used an online compiler for the same.
There were also questions based on my project. Be sure to revise your project thoroughly.
Final question.
Do you have any questions for me?
I asked about projects I might get to work on and further growth opportunities in Infosys.
Within 20 days results were shared with the TPO.

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