Message on Whatsapp 8879355057 for DSA(OA + Interview) + Fullstack Dev Training + 1-1 Personalized Mentoring to get 10+LPA Job
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I got an interview opportunity for the role of Digital Specialist Engineer after clearing the first round (coding exam). The first round was held on 8th Aug 2021 and consisted of 3 questions- 1 Easy, 1 Medium(based on greedy), and 1 Hard(based on dynamic programming). I was able to solve one question completely in this round. My interview was scheduled for 31st Aug 2021. I was informed 6 days before, about the 40-minute interview.

Interviewer: Introduce Yourself.

Me: Answered.

Interviewer: He asked me to solve a coding question from Leetcode.

Time limit : 10 min

problem link:

Me: I solved it partially, he said that’s fine.

Interviewer: Asked about TensorFlow as I had it in my resume.

Me: Answered.

Interviewer:  Any questions for me?

Me: I asked about the primary responsibilities after joining the job and what kind of work we will be doing.

He answered.

Final Result: Selected for DSE role

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