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Infosys conducted HackWithInfy, a coding competition for engineering students graduating in the year 2022 across India. Only one Round of coding test was conducted this year in the month of May 2021.  Results came out in the month of June 2021 and I got an opportunity to appear for an interview for the Power Programmer role.

Interview Experience:-

We started with greeting each other and then he asked me to give my introduction.
Then he read my resume and asked questions about my branch (civil engineering), that why I want to join the IT field.
What are the core subjects that I learnt in my B.Tech etc.
Then he asked me about my internship experiences, about the project I worked on in my Internship.
Then he asked me about the projects that I had mentioned in my resume, that what difficulties did I face while working on them, what technologies did I use etc.
Then we went on to discuss Front-end vs Back-end and then about OOPS concepts and then about DSA.
Points to Remember:-

Prepare a short and apt self-introduction.
Have a thorough knowledge of the projects you have mentioned in your resume.
Prepare at least basic DSA concepts and their implementations.
Go through the Interview experiences of others and prepare a list of coding questions and HR questions that they faced.
Read about the role and its responsibilities you’re being interviewed for.
Read about the company you’re being interviewed for.
At last, as everyone would say, stay confident and be honest, it’s just an interview.
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