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If you want to work in Infosys for System Engineer Specialist i.e SES role you have two ways one is clear HackWithInfy and another is InfyTq, you can go through any exam. I am selecting through the HackWithInfy, so HackwithInfy exam has 3 rounds each round has three questions, and the exam is taken on hackerrank Platform. Each round consists of 3 questions easy, medium, and hard level. if you’re able to solve 2 questions from rouns 1 you will go into the second round and based on our performance you will be shortlisted for Power Programmer or SES role. Questions are from DP, Trees, and Graphs. I have cleared these rounds and gets a preplacement interview offer for the SES roles. Now Let’s go through the interview.

Technical Interview:

My interview is scheduled at 2 PM but is started at 2:15, You should keep a passport photo or any government ID card for verification. After this verification he fetched my resume and asked me to introduce myself, Then he asked me a question on the frontend projects that I mentioned in my projects like

Which technologies did you use to create your projects?
What are Implicit and Explicit Intents? (As I have mentioned one android project in resume)
Draw a UML diagram of user interaction with the database of your website?
What are the Fields You Used to Store the information of User?
After the questions from resume He asked me to open a notepad and write down the code for counting how many ‘a’ letters in Your college name. I have written that code then he asked some question related to that as follows:-

How you check whether your code is correct or not?
What if the string is null? What does your code return?
What are the exceptions?
What is inheritance?
Write down the Basic Code to explain multiple inheritances? (Between these he asked me What is access Specifiers and stops from writing code.
 Now he moves forward to DBMS Question asked What are primary key, What are joins, What is DBMS, What is the difference Between Database and DBMS.

Then he Asked behavioural questions like are you willing to relocate, future plans, What about higher Education.
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