Message on Whatsapp 8879355057 for DSA(OA + Interview) + Fullstack Dev Training + 1-1 Personalized Mentoring to get 10+LPA Job
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I got a call via LinkedIn for face to face interviews…They told me one day process but it took two visits over a week period..It’s not the company mistake you can see the reason for this later below.

My experience is 3.3 years
In the first visit there were 5 rounds

1st Round :-
It was a written round they gave me 5 DS algo questions which you have to write working code on paper for atleast 2 questions..I completed 4 questions and wrote logic for the 5th coz of time constraint. Most of the question were from dynamic programming, DFS…like finding the maximum profit day(sightly modified), number of islands, Noble integers ..another two questions i don’t remember.

2nd Round :-
I had F2F round ..He gave me one DS problem..Again which can be solved with Dynamic programming but I just explained the DP logic and approached differently.He was impressed it seems…It was a real time problem like building walls for an overflowing current from water dam and i should be able to save much water as possible.

3rd Round :-
It was with the team lead..It was completely JAVA round…He asked questions from all latest java technologies..”Internal Hashmap working!” is a basic question compared to his.We were discussing how we can deploy an app and maintain the traffic coz i had experience with Docker, Kubernetes and drone for contineous integration and deployment..He asked how we can filter the bad requests before processing so that we can increase the TPS(Transactions per second).Then he took me for lunch. He explained a lot about company . I even saw the walkthrough of walmartLabs, Bengaluru from youtube.

4th Round :-
It was a UI round as i’m a full stack engineer they kept this round to test my UI knowledge.She asked some basic JS questions like closure, self invoking function etc…some CSS questions like class vs id etc…some Angular and react framework questons.

5th Round :-
It was the manager round. He asked some behavioural questions and went deep inside problem solving. He asked me how to promote unsold products..I wrote code on the whole wall  I approached with slightly modified LFU cache to get the unsold products then used many to many between products and users to get the users and notify them regarding the discounts/offers on unsold products . He was impressed and he cleared me.

6th Round :-
HR discussion…They were telling about the team and company and stock options etc.They said by monday i will get offer as it was a friday.They didn’t even ask about the compensation  then i asked what as the compensation they asked what i’m expecting i told them “100%”

Days passed …. Monday friday came no calls

The next monday recruiter called me saying that i was already getting good package …To give 100% they will try their best. Then asked me to come for two more cultural rounds.

2nd visit to office :-

7th Round :-
Senior manager round he was explaining how company works and what is expected out of me etc etc..then he took me for lunch.

8th Round :-
Senior director round.He was full of fun.Just talked a lot about company and competitors etc.

Finally I got the expected 100% hike offer next day.

This was one of the very few companies which gave me what i expected considering my experience.Only downside will be no one can afford you anymore me ..some of the very top companies backed off after hearing Walmart’s offer.So If you guys get a chance prepare well and attend..All the best
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