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Status: Software Developer with 4 years of experience in fintech & edutech industry.
Position: Software Engineer L4 at Uber
Location: Bengaluru, India
Date: July, 2022

4 Rounds:

Technical - Coding (1 hour):
We are a currency exchange that maintains the current exchange rates between currencies. A user can come to us with some amount in one currency and request the equivalent amount in a different currency. Given a list of exchange rates between currencies, write a function that calculates currency rate between any 2 currencies.
Example -
(GBP, EUR, 10) - read as "1 GBP equals 10 EUR"
(EUR, USD, 1.1) - "1 EUR equals 1.1 USD"
(10 GBP, USD) => ? - "10 GBP equals how many USD?"

Answer: 110
Explanation: 10 GBP = 10 x (10 EUR) = 10 x (10 x (1.1 USD)) = 110 USD

Technical - LLD (1 hour):
Slight variation of My Calendar I
Technical - HLD/Bar Raiser
Asked about one of previous project in detail, design choices i made, what part of that project i own end-to-end.
Design chat application with features like one-to-one messaging, group messaging, read receipts.
Asked API design & Database schema.
Hiring Manager (1 hour):
Not scheduled, Eliminated in Round 3 itself.
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