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I am SDE at Amazon.

Let me give a little bit a picture of campus placement, logically campus placement interview is different from than experience person interview.

In Campus Placement, the company consider you as a zero year industry experience candidate, so most of the round or in fact all the rounds are consist of Algorithm + Data Structure + Aptitude + language Specific Question + critical thinking + Group Discussion

[Above pattern differ for service and product company interview]

Product company : More focus on coding, algorithms

Service company : More Aptitude, language Specific Question, Group Discussion along with simple algorithm, coding

There might be in the last round they will ask about 15-30 min about the project you have done in your training or 10 min in every round about project Intro

There is an exception, lets say you did some project in the college curriculum which catches eyeballs of all interviews and which is uniques then expect that they will ask about that project in every round of the interview in detail (In fact this is your plus point to get shortlisted)