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Interview 1(Technical) :



There were 2 interviewer. The round was a basic dsa + Computer Fundamentals round.
Q0 Tell me about yourself


Q1. Tell me about your one of the project. My project was based on recommender system (collaborative filtering + Matrix Factorization + popularity) and selenium as web scrapper. 5 minutes cross questioning.


  • Locators in selenium. (id, css, class, xpath, .....)
  • Which locator I should and in which situation I should prefer them.
  • What are different alternative for web scrapping and why I choose selenium
  • Business objective behind project
  • What different popularity based solution I implemented, and logic behind it.
  • In which format result is retrieved in case of scrapping (ans: List)


(NOTE: Why I chose to explain this project? I was confident, I thought on this technology only basic cross questioning can happen. Believe me nobody can ask you in depth on all your 3 project because of time availability. So you must prepare one of the project very well) Here onwards they only asked interview questions on the project and not what I did in the project.


Q2 Find middle of LinkedList


Which Language you are comfortable : C++ only right now
Why Not Python even if you have django and machine Learning: from past 4 months i am preparing for placements, therefore not in touch with python. I coded DSA in C++ so on and so forth.


Q3 Since one of my project was on dbms the questions from dbms were bombarded


  • What is difference between left and outer join?
  • ACID property in DBMS
  • Difference between NoSQL and RDBMS(sql based databases), What are advantages disadvantages, when should we use what


They already told in the PPT that they are expecting CS subject Basic Knowledge from students. I was ready for it. Ensure that you answer the question in detail (not very detail) but make sure to tell all the points you know, and on which topic next you want to get yourself questioned. While answering I made sure to drain away 2 minutes for question I am confident and know the answer.


Q4 on OOPs


My advice is use suitable example to concretely elaborate your understanding on the topic. Your Understanding and logic is what they are checking


  • Difference between overloading and overriding
  • What are important aspects of OOPs (Polymorphism, Abstraction, Encapsulation, Inheritence)
  • What is Encapsulation


Q5 some basic development related questions


  • CRUD operation in DBMS + CRUD operation in development (get, post, put, delete)
  • do you know basic steps in SDLC?


Advice: If you fill that you can put logical answer even if you dont know the answer. Tell interviewer that you don't know the answer, But ask "may I guess?" and put logical answer, As I did in case of SDLC


Q5 Any questions for us?



Interview 2(Technical) : HR + Technical (Overall 15 minutes)



Q1 Tell me about yourself. { I being mastermind (LOL) stressed on hockey while introducing myself. and whole discussion was turned onto hockey}


  • Some questions based on basic CS fundamental and DBMS were asked for 5 minutes.


Q2 What are the three most important things that you learned from Hockey.
Q3 Will you work in shifts (I said, definately yes for crucial projects. But I am not there yet, so I dont know How valid will be my answer. But YES sometimes for crucial project)
Q4 What if google, microsoft offer you job, will you still join Deutsche? (I told yes it is very tempting to join google, but no I won't do it. Becoz I want technical + managerial type development. I stressed on how holistic development is important for me. How dealing with clients and challenges in banking excites me)
Q5 What one thing you want to change? (answer it wisely, do not say time management and skill required for this role)
Q6 Any Questions for us.

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