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Round 2 (Interview 1): 1 hr
Started off with basic interview questions, then went on to the DSA questions:
1. Make stack from a queue
2. Question on Linked-List
3. Array manipulation question
Ended with a description of my project


Round 3 (Interview): 2 hrs
Luck plays a major role here especially with the type of interviewer
No introduction or pleasantries immediately started with:
1. Implement OOPs concept (Pseudo Code) [Cleared]
2. Two sum (Done O(n) with hash map) and then asked to reduce space complexity to O(1) (started to use 2 pointers but couldn't come up with the entire logic)
3. Reverse singly and doubly linked list [Cleared] (interviewer didn't know python and was questioning my implementation even though it was correct)
4. Implement Heap Sort[Cmpleted half]
5. DBMS query[Cleared] (They didn't know DBMS asked me to send the code in chat so they could run it and check)
These are the few questions I remember he asked me a lot of theory questions also.
That concluded the round
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