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I applied to Arista Networks through the Placement Cell of my institute and everyone who applied received the online test link.

Round 1(Coding and Aptitude – Duration: 60 Minutes): Platform: HackerRank

The format was as follows:


Number of Questions


Duration (Minutes)







Coding – Easy




Coding – Medium






The MCQs were from core CSE subjects like Computer Networks, Database Management Systems, Operating Systems, Data Structures, and Algorithms.

The coding question is as follows:-

  1. You are given two hammers type 1 and type 2. Along with hammers there are n wooden planks with varying strengths. The type 1 hammer can reduce the strength of any plank to 0 with a single blow whereas type 2 hammer can only reduce the strength by 1 with every hit. You can use type 1 hammer only k times. Find:- Minimum number of hits to break all the planks. Indexes of wooden planks that you would break using type 1 hammer arranged in descending order of their strengths. Number of hits by hammer type 2.

Round 2(Data Structures and Algorithms – Duration: 45 Minutes): Platform: Google Meet

This round was based on Data Structures and Algorithms. The interviewer asked me to open any online IDE I was comfortable with and share my screen. 

The questions asked were as follows:-


The code was expected to compile and pass few test cases given by the interview. She also corrected me wherever she felt the code was not fully optimized or there were redundant statements.

Round 3(System Design – Duration: 50 Minutes): Platform: Google Meet

  • We had a long discussion about the design of a URL shortener. It should have the following characteristics:-
  • Creation of new shortened URLs for a given and URL from the user.
  • Deletion of old URLs after a certain period of time.
  • The system should work in multiprocessor environment where simultaneous read and write operations may occur.
  • We had an interesting discussion over variety of aspects that involved concepts of Operating Systems, Data Structures, Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms.
  • At the end he asked few basic questions related to C language and how to implement vector (C++ STL) in C.
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