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All interview experiences GoldMan Sachs of  can be found using the tag "goldman-sachs_interview_experience" in the search bar.

Here is the link : https://www.desiqna.in/tag/goldman-sachs_interview_experience

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I recently gave a Goldman Sachs backend developer interview .
Here is my experience :


1st Rounder (Hacerrank test):


2 questions :
Q1: Find the kid which gets tha damaged toy: https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/distributing-m-items-circle-size-n-starting-k-th-position/
Q2 : Construct a string with gievn constraints:
input: abcd
const: 123
o/p: abbcccd


input: abcde
const: 4
o/p: aaaabcde


also decode in the same manner


i/p: aabbbccccd
o/p: abcd


Next round was coderpad:
Q1: Group all anagrams
Q2: Find shortest path between stations (this was oops based)




I had 4 tiring rounds.
Round1 :
Find pivot in sorted Array
Best data structure to store 10M+ words (I gave Trie as a possible answer, didn't know whether it is correct, please rectify me if I am not)


Round2 :
Design newsfeed for a social networking application ( The interviewer was not really convinced with my design )
Implement a max stack with O(1) retireval time of the current max.
Follow up : how to to optimize for push,pop operations<<<getMax() ( ans: store max in a variable and update only when either a push /pop occurs)
Q1: print all subsets of a string (i.e powerset) : used backtracking to solve this
Q2: find max 10 numbers in a list having 10M entries. (Solved using maxHeap....please tell me if there is a better solution).
Followup: how do you handle if you have duplicates as well


Round4 :
Basic puzzles


I dont know my result yet. Will update you guys when I get one .
Do let me know if you have some questions regarding the same


********************** EDIT *************************************


I had one more round few days back. I GOT REJECTED !!!!


Here is the question :
Implement TRIE for Prefix search. I was using too much memory in my solution , interviewer was not impressed.

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