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1st Round: Hackerrank Test: Don't remember
2nd Round: Coderpad round:


  • Given two sorted arrays, find the median of the combined array. (I told the two pointer approach and they asked to optimize. I made the two pointer code and it was running fine along with all the boundary cases)
  • Find cycle in the array. (Ex: 2 1 2 0 , return cycle length in this case it will be 2 as 2 1 2 make a cycle)


3rd round: Taken by two interviewers


  • Sum of each level in a binary tree
  • Given an array with duplicate elements, return teh array without any three consecutive array elements repeated.


4th round: Again Taken by two interviewers


  • Find the maximum value in a window ok k
  • Find maximum sum path in a binary tree
  • N queen problem (Only logic was asked)


5th round: Again Taken by two interviewers


  • Max sum path in a binary tree
  • Print three increasing elements in an array such that a[i] < a[j] < a[k] and i<j<k


6th round: Again Taken by two interviewers


  • Given an array and value of k , use the k values to make the array values equal such that the equal values are max.(Ex: 1 2 3 6 8 9 10 11 and k =6 , then we can increment 10 by 1, 9 by 2 , 8 by 3 and make each of these equal to 11 also now we have exhausted the k value so max 4 number of 11's we can get)
  • Given a long doc and a dictionary of words we need to tell the shortest window such that all the words of dictionary are atleast once contained in the window.


I was rejected in the 6th round as it took me 3-4 hints for the first question to solve. Feeling very very sad. All other interviews went really well for me and I answered all the questions with logic and code.I was very hopeful to crack this. World ends for me here :'(

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