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All interview experiences GoldMan Sachs of  can be found using the tag "goldman-sachs_interview_experience" in the search bar.

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I was contacted through LinkedIn by a Sourcing Specialist of Goldman Sachs in Bangalore (Suggestion – Keep your LinkedIn profile updated.) After about a week, I was contacted through another recruiter who processed my profile for further process. 2 interview rounds were scheduled:

Round 1 (September 2021):

  • HackerRank Round – 2 questions.
  • Questions were in between easy and medium. Don’t remember them exactly but 1 for string manipulation, 1 for finding non-repeating characters.

Round 2 (start of October 2021):

Suggestion – After this stage, you should keep in regular touch with the recruiter if you are serious about the position. This gap might extend if you don’t contact regularly.

Got scheduled 4 Technical Rounds – 1 hour each, back to backon One Single Day. Sounds interesting exhausting, isn’t it? 

Round 3 (October 2021 End):

  • Technical Round with 2 people. Video call.
  • Basic Introduction and current tech stack knowledge tested.
  • Another coding question is based on the greedy approach. Difficulty level – Between Easy to Medium.

Round 4 (October 2021 End):

  • Technical Round with 2 people. Video call.
  • Current Project discussion. My role + out-of-the-box contributions made. More focus was made on project discussion.
  • Coding question for string manipulation. Difficulty level – Easy.

Round 5 (October 2021 End):

  • Technical Round with 3 people. Video call.
  • Current Project discussion. Deep dive into the current project architecture. Explanation of all the components used, WHYs and, WHATs of each.

Round 6 (October 2021 End):

  • Technical + Managerial Round. Video call.
  • Asked various questions. Mostly scenario-based questions.
  • Slight discussion on Project and my role within the project.

Round 7 (Last week of October):

  • Final Round. With Hiring Manager and Recruiter(Actual One). Earlier recruiters were reporting to this Recruiter.
  • Behavioral-based questions. A very small discussion on the project and my current tech stack.
  • Do ask questions to Hiring Manager. Search questions for this before you attempt the round.

After about 3 weeks, around the end of November 2021, Offer was extended. Keep in touch with all the recruiters you can contact. This period comes generally during Festivals and many people are on leaves. Especially, the ones who give approvals :).

In January 2022, I joined Goldman Sachs. 

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