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There was a drive conducted on august 2019 in Bangalore. There were  6 rounds for me 1 written round 3 f2f technical rounds and 2 online rounds on amazon chime.

Round 1: (written round )  Two easy questions were given in this round there was no limit in the time but i submitted it in around 25 minutes.

Round 2: ( f2f ) two questions were asked in this round 




this question i had already had solved earlier so i told him the soln a bit quickly.other question was something like given a set of fishes which moves in either right or left direction and every fish has a size associated with it and the bigger fish eats the smaller fishes if they are facing in opposite direction. the question was to find the remaining fishes in the end. I came up with a solution using stack and they were much satisfied with that.

Round 3: ( f2f ) two question were asked in this round.

the interviewer wasn’t that friendly in this round so i messed up in the second question a little bit after these question he asked few questions related to operating system and i answered those but he wasn’t very satisfied.

Round 4: ( f2f ) three question were asked in this round which were from dp, linkedlist and binary search.

the first question was  2nd was find the element of linked list which is at the position squareroot(len(linkedlist))  in one iteration and the third question was on binary search which i dont really remember. I hadn’t seen any of these questions earlier so it took me a little time for solving these question. and then he asked me a few questions related to my project. he was pretty impressed.




Round 5: this was the easiest among all the interviews   

and the second question was about finding the first number which is common between two linked lists.i  told him a solution using hashing and he was pretty much satisfied with that and then he asked me some questions from dbms like acid properties and normalisation.

Round 6: (Bar raiser round)

the first question was given a playlist of songa you have to randomise the list and play every song once until all the songs in the playlist are done. the second question was and last question was finding the first missing number given the starting value and the sorted list. i told him a solution using binary search and he was pretty satisfied with that. and after that he asked me few questions related to internship which i was able to answer.

for each round i was told to write code for the programs except for the 4th round’s last question. after 8 days of the last interview i got a call from the hr that i have been selected for the sde1 role at amazon hyderabad. I was a bit lucky in the sense that i wasn’t asked  questions from computer networks which is one of my weaker subjects.  i would suggest every one to keep practising and try to maintain a calm attitude while giving the interviews.

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