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All interview experiences of Amazon can be found using the tag "amazon_interview_experiences" in the search bar.

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I was recently interviewed for an internship position at Amazon and had to go through a total of 3 rounds i.e. one online followed by two telephonic rounds.

Online Round
As usual the online round had two coding questions and 20 MCQs. This was a pretty easy round and it’s duration was 90 minutes. The round consisted of questions from various domains like Algorithm, Data Structure, Operating System and Aptitude.

A few days after appearing in this round, I was informed that I have been qualified for the next round.

First Telephonic Round  

  1. I had just three days to prepare for this round and truly speaking, it was my first experience of appearing in any such interview.

    This round lasted for almost 60 minutes. It began with my general introduction followed by a brief discussion on my projects. After this, the interviewer asked me four questions.

  2. Question 1:
    Given an array of numbers find all such triplets that satisfy the given condition.Condition: a[i] < a[j] < a[k] where I < j < k.
    At first go I thought that it was a pretty easy question but slowly the mist started to clear and I realized how tough it was. The interviewer wanted me to solve it in linear time i.e. O(N)
  3. Question 2:
    Given two trees check if they are mirror images of each other or not.
    This was a straight forward question and it took me less than 10 minutes to code it.
  4. Now the interviewer wanted to test my understanding of operating systems and asked two fairly direct questions, to which I gave my answer based on my understanding (not bookish definition as I did not remember any of those  ).
  5. Question 3 & 4:
    What is semaphore and what do you mean by a deadlock.

After two days I got a call from the HR informing me I have been selected for the next round. Now it was the time for the last and the decisive round.

Second Telephonic Round  

  1. For this round I had slightly more time than the last, due to the fact that the weekend fell in between.The interviewer was very very cool and helping this time, something which I kept at the last in my list of probable things that can happen during an interview. Duration of this round was around 90 minutes.

    This time I had to face three technical questions and one general question on Amazon.

  2. Question 1:
    Given a BST, replace each node with the sum of the values of all the nodes that are greater than that node. Only constraint being that I was not allowed to use any global or static variable.
    Although I panicked a bit and made few mistakes, I got through.
  3. Question 2:
    Given an array of numbers find the maximum count of duplets and triplets such that there sum is a multiple of three.
    Number that has appeared once can’t be included anywhere else.
    I solved this question using a property of modulus.
  4. Question 3:  
    Given the stock prices of 10 days find the best possible buy sell pair.
    For this question I started with a O(N2) solution but then finally managed to reduce it to O(N) solution with constant space complexity.

    I was also asked few questions on Amazon like what are domains in which Amazon deals.

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