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I am an Android Developer. I only have 1+ years of experience. The company(startup) where I work, we have to work for 10-12 hours 6 days a week (sometime on Sundays as well). In these last one year I have learned ton of things but now I started to hate my job.

I don't know what Software companies are thinking about their employee I am pretty sure they don't even consider their developer as human.

I have given interviews and also got jobs but haven't joined due to the fear like this - "What if this(NEW) company have even worse work-life balance". Is there any startup which have a better work life balance? And the worst part is while interviewing if you say you are looking for good work life balance its 99% certain that you will not going to get the job.

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Most of the start-ups are like this. Try joining a well funded company which has a good foundation or is a subsidiary to a bigger firm. Issue here is money, and the indian scene. Overworking employees in our country is the norm. All the local startups in my city are very Very toxic as well. 12 hour work day , shit pay during training period (4 months, less than 10k ), and one of my friends was in this startup and didn't like all this crap so he just gave up mid training because it was pure harassment at that point, so they called his parents to complain! They know that suburban/ rural kids are scared of their parents/ have pressure of some sorts from them. Extremely toxic.

I'd say stop looking at the startup area, because they have a lot of work to do. And they are obsessed with getting work done with least expenses.
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What could be worse than 10-12 hours a day for 6 days a week? Just make the switch and learn to take a stand when your manager asks you to work overtime in the future.

Read the company policy or ask the HR/manager what are the office hours/weekly hours (it is more likely something in the range of 40-48 hours per week). Anything more than that, claim overtime and ask for compensation (charged at double the usual rate).

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