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Many incorrect and non-clear advice/guidance being spread on the way to prepare and amount of coding problems to solve to get good at DSA and land up a good product based company..


Here is my take on it :


1) Every person is different , everyone has a different background in math, thinking and problem-solving before they start doing DSA , so putting up a random number "xyz" problems to solve will surely not work for most people out there.


2)Hence lets focus more on the strategy rather than the number . Breadth-First-Search technique works the best in this case as per my years of observation in DSA.


3)Say , you face a medium-hard problem in DSA , in most cases , it won't just require a single topic and its concept to solve it , it will be a mixture .


4)Visualization : 

(BFS) : 




5)So , do a BFS strategy , solve things by level :)

Strategy : 

A) You go through most important and basic concepts/fundamentals of different topics , you solve 10-40 standard popular concept building problems on each of those topics.


B) Now , your level is up , so do the same step A for bit harder problems of the same topic , but keep in mind , do step B only if step A is completed for all the topics :) In this process , its your choice to decide the number of problems to reach easy and medium and further levels :) Grow at your own pace !!

6)You can do topics in this order : 

7)Resources for them : 








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