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Dear Candidates,

As per the sources this is going to be last or 2nd last CPA which is going to be held on 24th APRIL 2022. For this you have to fill the survey form which has been provided by the TCS.

Camera Proctored Assessment will have both MCQ quiz and Coding assessment. Entire MCQ and Coding section will be digitally proctored through camera. The platform for coding assessment will be “iON Hands On Lite” for Java/Python/C# coding. Assessment will be activated only for the associates who fill the survey given below. It will not be available by default for everyone. The credentials for attempting the assessment will be shared only with candidates who fill the survey.

Survey will be available till 11.59 pm on 14th April 2022. Candidates missing out this survey will not be eligible to attempt the  assessment and will miss out the chance to secure the incentives.

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