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I am in BCA last year, and currently learning c++ from mysirg platform, and also I have solved more than 150 basic questions, please bhaiya suggest me which path should I follow to get placed in PBC, and in my college placement is close to nothing..
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To be on a safer side , you should do MCA or similar program, because after that all companies consider you eligible for their hiring process off-campus and on-campus.

You should have a good grip over DSA to crack the technical coding interviews of product-based companies. You can follow the best DSA roadmap here : https://www.desiqna.in/4963/roadmap-for-dsa-data-structures-algorithms-kumar-desi-2022

Also , try for service based companies , side by side , as it is easier to get into them , and you can later switch to your dream company after for some months/years .


For these companies , all you need is to work on how you introduce yourself in interview , have 2-3 web-dev/mobile-dev(any one is enough from these two categories) and explain them will in the interview + have good hold on CS-Fundamentals like OOPS+OS+CN+DBMS.

Coding is not required to crack these companies and it is good to have offer from one of the service based companies as a backup to not end up un-employed..
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