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All interview experiences of Amazon can be found using the tag "amazon_interview_experiences" in the search bar.

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Hey guys I recently interviewed for Amazon for New Grad position (2022 passout).


Round 1 details:  3 rd week of Feb
	Questions asked:
	1. Online Stock Span 
	2. Find the bottom View of a binary tree.
Round 2 details: 1st week of March.
	Questions asked: 
	1. Delete nodes in a binary tree having one child.
    2. A question on multi-source bfs , minimum time to spread the covid virus.
    The question was as follows -> I was being given a binary matrix of 0[healthy cell] 
	and 1[virus cell], in one unit of time a virus cell can spread its virus
	to all the adjacent[top, down, left, right] healthy cells.
	I was supposed to find the minimum time for all the cells to be covered by the virus.

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Is there anyone who had interviews around the same date, and had interviewed for the new grad position.
I haven't heard from them since round2
Did anyone who had rounds around the same date received any follow back ?

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I also had the same rounds, I also didn't receive any further mail after the second round