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I've personally seen many people above 20+ years of experience in IT.

Consulting is a skill which grows over time and consultants are like wine, the older they get, the finer they become.

When you have more than 15+ years of experience you don't typically write code, you lead the program, you inspire/manage people and lead the client engagements.

FYI an MBA graduate even from a good college cannot replace a consultant with 15+ years of experience. Typically you don't see people with such experience much is because they voluntarily leave the firm may be to do their business or to follow their passion.

Talking about the credibility and value of such people, they are respected thought the organization. Such people have a stake in the business of the company and they build trust with a client based on the years of fine experience.

So don't worry and chill you can work in IT as long as you are satisfying the condition of each and every role assigned to you. You can talk to your leadership about the future prospects of the same and trust me you will not be disappointed with the wisdom they have acquired over the years.

Talking about facts and figures there will always be a pyramid in the hierarchy, as the number of people at the ground level grows in numbers there will be the demand of the managers as well

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