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Dear Readers,

  • I request everyone to share their preparation strategy which got them landing in amazon for SDE 1 OR SDE - II


  • I am looking for strategies like which resources you have followed + how many problems you have solved + any other sheets you have followed?


  • If solve problems from Striver sheet is it enough to clear amazon ?



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1)I work as SDE @ Amazon , I would say go for the 450 DSA sheet as it has ample number of questions for practice , Striver Sheet is basically a subset of 450 sheet , contains only 180 sheet , you should go ahead with it only if you have a month or less time for DSA prep.

2)For full fledged good prep  I would suggest you to go with this sheet :-

3)Each questions solution is available on youtube , search "Question_Name Youtube" and you would get detailed solution videos in case you get stuck . Also , text format solution of all questions is mentioned on the website of Geeksforgeeks. So searching "Question_Name Geeksforgeeks" will suffice.

4)You can do it!

5)All the Best!
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Sir, I'm currently in my 6th semester. The issue is that I can't seem to solve simple array questions even after endless tries. I don't think I have too much time in my hand, but keeping in mind that I can still apply till the end of my graduation I'd like to ask, if the 450 question sheet u mentioned will help me land a good job(not particular abt Amazon, a job that could pay me 10lpa is enough keeping my capability in mind). I would be glad to get a repy from you.

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